Spring cleaning carpets and rugs has never been easier

BISSELL® introduce its new PowerClean, which is great for cleaning up muddy paws, to its extensive range of floor cleaners.

This spring get down, and not dirty with your carpets and rugs. Deep cleaning is hygenic not just on the surface, but also into the deapths of the carpet fibres removing the tiniest particles, bacteria and mites leaving carpets clean and smelling fresh.

Weighing in at just 5.6kg, you don’t need a bulky carpet cleaner for your Spring clean, as the compact upright BISSELL Powerclean packs a powerful cleaning punch and will make light work of a deep carpet clean. It’s particularly handy for smaller living spaces due to a reduced footprint for improved storage.

It includes features like the easy-to-remove anks and the removable nozzle which make maintenence simple when the job is done.

The 4-row motorised Deep reach PowerBrush roll works hard with the BISSELL cleaning solution to thoroughly remove unexpected everyday messes or stains on carpet or area rugs on every floor of the house.

Easy to grab and easy to use, the PowerClean uses two-tank technology, meaning clean water and dirty water remain seperate, so you never put dirty water back onto your carpets.

The BISSELL® PowerClean, RRP £149.99, is available from major electrical retailers and bisselldirect.co.uk