Staffordshire woman takes on marathon challenge inspired by terminally ill mum

A police officer from Staffordshire is running the London Marathon to raise money for the RSPCA in honour of her terminally-ill mum who is battling cancer.

Anna Plant from Leek in Staffordshire will be taking part in the 26.2 mile challenge in October this year inspired by her incredible mum.

Anna has grown-up watching the historic race on TV with her animal-loving mum and was spurred into action when Annette, 71, was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year.

Anna, a police officer for Staffordshire Police, said; “For as long as I can remember we have watched the London Marathon every year. My mum loves it and I always said I would do it so after my mum’s diagnosis earlier this year I just thought ‘what am I waiting for? My mum is a huge animal lover. She can’t bear the thought of people being cruel to animals. I know that’s where I have got it from.

“The RSPCA is a special charity for mum as well so it seems so fitting that I get to run the race she loves for the charity she supports.”

Heartbreakingly, despite treatment, the cancer has spread but Anna is hoping her mum will see her complete the 26.2-mile run.

Anna added: “The marathon was due to be in April and so we hoped that mum would get to see me running but now that it’s in October we don’t know if she will still be with us but she’s absolutely over the moon that I’m doing it. She’s always been a big supporter of the RSPCA. She’s said that after she has passed, she doesn’t want flowers for the funeral, she just asks that people donate to the RSPCA.”

Annette, who lives in Derbyshire with her deaf cat Benji, has been telling everyone about her daughter’s marathon challenge and helping her to bring in more funds to help animals in need.

Annette said: “I’m just so grateful to Anna for raising money for this charity, a charity I love so much.”

Every year around 50,000 people take part in the London Marathon which raises much-needed funds to help the RSPCA continue to rescue over 100,000 animals each year from neglect and cruelty.

Anna added: “I’m not very athletic. The furthest I’ve run is 10 miles so this is a really big challenge for me. I’d like to do the marathon within five hours but I’ll just be happy to have finished it. I feel really lucky to be running it for the RSPCA.

“It’s tough to juggle training but you’ve just got to think it’s doable and you’ll do it. I work full time, I’ve got a two year old, a husband, my mum is really poorly but I can still fit in the time to train. You’ve got to have that mindset. It’s not easy but you should go for it. If there’s something you want to do, you’ve just got to try.”

Anna has two dogs, a Springer Spaniel called Milly and a miniature dachshund called Bella, who go on smaller runs with her whilst she is training. She also has a rescue cat called Pearl and two rabbits Bruce and Betty.

Anna lives with her husband Garry, who represents Great Britain in the Aquabike World Championships, and her two year old daughter Matilda. She has already raised £800 for the RSPCA out of a £2,000 target.

To help support Anna’s cause and donate to the RSPCA, visit: