Starving stray cat surprises homeowner by breaking in and begging for food

As winter approaches, life on the streets is about to get even harder for the stray cat population.

Many already struggle to find food, with a few brave felines resorting to desperate measures. One-year-old tabby Prosecco got so hungry recently that she stole through a random homeowners catflap, breaking into their kitchen and begging for food.

Compared to the home-owners pet cat, poor Prosecco was incredibly thin and scruffy-looking. She was covered in ticks and fleas, and in a very sorry state.

Prosecco’s tummy was also slightly distended, leading the homeowner to grow concerned she may also be pregnant.

After giving Prosecco some of their own cats’ food, the homeowner called London based animal charity, Mayhew for help, who went straight out to rescue the poor little thing.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers brought her back and conducted a full intake examination and health check, where it was discovered that Prosecco was not pregnant, and that her distended tummy was a symptom of her malnourishment.

A spokesperson for Mayhew comments: “We settled her down in a warm and cosy cabin with some much-needed food and water, and administered a de-fleaing treatment to clear up her fur and skin. We also prescribed a short course of anti-inflammatory steroids to help with the pain and swelling caused by the flea and tick bites.

“Thankfully, Prosecco was otherwise unharmed and once fed, showed herself to be a sweet and friendly cat. We kept her under close observation until her infestation had cleared up and she’d gained weight, making sure we gave her lots of love and attention.”

After a few weeks in Mayhew’s care, Prosecco was looking happier and healthier, and as soon as she was ready, she was neutered and given all the necessary vaccinations and treatments before placing her up for adoption.

Happily, for her, it wasn’t long before she caught someone’s eye, and we were delighted to match her with a purrfect new owner.

Prosecco is now settled down in her loving forever home, her days of hunger behind her – but sadly, not all stray and unwanted animals get so lucky.

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