tails.com launches its first in-store dog nutrition range

tails.com, the pioneering pet nutrition service, has today launched its first in-store range, tails.com Nourish & Protect which is available in 108 of Sainsbury’s flagship supermarkets, as part of its Future Brands programme.

Tailored by age, breed size and health need, tails.com Nourish & Protect has been designed by veterinary and nutrition experts and targets key concerns for UK dog owners: weight, gut health and immunity. The range is paired with a digital service that provides a portion guide and tails.com bespoke measuring scoop personalised for each dog to support effective weight management.

Since 2014, tails.com has fed hundreds of thousands of dogs across the UK and Europe with an individual recipe as part of its award-winning subscription service. Using insight from serving over 14 million meals a month to customers’ doors, tails.com developed a capsule range of 22 wet and dry food products –  tails.com Nourish & Protect – to deliver advanced nutrition in-store at Sainsbury’s.

Each recipe has been crafted to support specific health needs, for example, the puppy kibble recipes include salmon oil to support cognitive development¹. All tails.com Nourish & Protect recipes contain vitamin B and beta glucans to support the body’s natural defences² and para probiotics to help maintain a healthy metabolism and gut microflora³.

To deliver advanced nutrition and effective weight management, the tails.com Nourish & Protect range is paired with a digital service allowing customers to access a personalised portion guide and measuring scoop just for their dog via a QR code on the bag or directly at tails.com/nourish.

Nicole Tipping, Buyer at Sainsbury’s, commented: “At Sainsbury’s we are passionate about helping our customers eat better, and the same goes for their pets. We’re excited to partner with tails.com who, from their inception, have pioneered new ways of feeding dogs.

“We love the tails.com Nourish & Protect range, which has been developed with Sainsbury’s customers in mind, and we’re really excited to hear what they – and their four-legged friends- think.”

James Davidson, CEO and co-Founder of tails.com, said: “Owners are increasingly aware of the role that nutrition plays in keeping their dogs happy and healthy for longer and we’re thrilled to be working with Sainsbury’s and the Future Brands team to make innovative new products available.

tails.com has grown rapidly across the UK and Europe in the past eight years, and we’re very much an entrepreneurial pet technology company at heart. I’m personally very proud to see the expertise and insight we’ve gained on dog health and nutrition from our tails.com subscription service brought to bear to create the tails.com Nourish & Protect range for people to access in-store.”

To find out more about tails.com Nourish & Protect, please visit tails.com/nourish.