Tails.com expands customer nutrition advice service to tackle pet obesity

For National Pet Obesity Awareness Day 2018, tails.com are tackling the issue head on through their product and customer nutrition advice service.

Pet obesity is a big problem with over 50% of the nation’s dogs deemed obese by vets and according to PFMA’s Pet Data Report 2018, 83% of owners don’t think that their pet is overweight. pet obesity

Further studies have shown that obesity in dogs can often lead to a range of ailments, including heart disease, mobility issues, organ dysfunction and a lesser quality of life.

This National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, tails.com are expanding their bolstered customer nutrition advice service based on their long-term quest to simplify dog nutrition and support owners in giving their pets a healthy and happy life.

The new service will bolster their customers service offering allowing new and existing customers access to a team of dog care specialists, via phone or email, to ask any queries or concerns relating to their dog’s health and nutrition.

Tails.com, Head vet, Sean McCormack will support a team of specialists, including breeders, vet nurses and vet care assistants, as well as pet care nutritionists to offer pet dietary and health advice.

Sean said: “As a vet I get great satisfaction solving all kinds of pet problems, especially when helping dogs live longer, happier lives. Our unique nutrition advice service offers dog owners quick access to professional advice and guidance on their pet’s nutrition and health. It’s a better fit with our busy lifestyles and means that people can make informed decisions about their dogs’ wellbeing.

“We’re starting off by expanding our popular consultation service for existing and new customers to make it easy for owners to manage their pets’ eating habits, but our vision is much bigger. Our mission is to support our customers in every way they choose to feed their dogs and make the right health care choices.

“We’re not replacing the role of your vet who knows your dog’s health best, but we’re here to support you and guide you if you have any questions or concerns. Whatever you dog’s dietary and health needs, we’re confident we can solve them or at least point you in the right direction with top notch advice.”

The new service and expansion of the team comes following an announcement in April 2018 that Nestle Purina PetCare had acquired a majority stake in the personalised pet nutrition business.

For more information on the tail.com tailored meal plans and the new customer nutrition service, you can visit www.tails.com.