Teenager accomplishes Everest challenge for the love of dogs

Leah-Mai Rimmington is just 13 years old and has already completed a challenge of a lifetime, by trekking 82 miles to Mount Everest Base Camp, raising £2,025 for Dogs Trust.

Inspired to take on the epic adventure for a worthy cause, dog-loving Leah chose to fundraise for Dogs Trust Loughborough, and the amazing work they do for our four-legged-friends. She was often accompanied by her Sprocker Spaniels Harley and Ralph on her training hikes, which included scaling iconic mountains such as Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Helvellyn.

Throughout the training Leah was inspired by her dogs’ spirit and companionship which further motivated her during the icy ascent in the Himalayas last month. Her passion for dogs and the fact that the money raised will help make sure dogs at Dogs Trust Loughborough have everything they need whilst they wait to find their forever homes, pushed her to accomplish the amazing feat.

Speaking about the experience Leah said: “It was an incredible and unforgettable adventure! I hope it has inspired others to take on challenges of their own, and believe that regardless of age and ability, anyone can achieve something great – you just need to not overthink it, get out there and do it and don’t give up!

“During tough times during the hike I would remind myself of my motivations, of giving back to our society, both in Nepal and at home, and creating awareness for important causes, such as Dogs Trust, and showing our furry friends lots of love!”

The determined teenager from Grantham completed the trail in 12 days, and was accompanied by her father David Rimmington, who was full of admiration for his daughter. David commented: “She outshone many of the adults travelling in her group, with endurance, personal application, resilience and massively earned the respect of her group.

“Leah carried all of her kit, all of the time, and didn’t suffer any altitude sickness (unlike me after 4800m). As a former soldier, I can vouch that it was not easy, on some days the temperature fell to -7C and there were some brutal three hour long and steep climbs, but Leah just carried on and no doubt thinking of the dogs she was helping spurred her on. ”

Celine Di Crocco, Manager at Dogs Trust Loughborough, said: “This is such an incredible achievement, and we are so grateful to Leah for choosing to support Dogs Trust. The money she has raised will also go towards building an off-lead enrichment garden where our dogs and volunteers will be able to spend time relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of centre life. The garden will be filled with different scents and areas for the dogs to enjoy, and a seating area for the volunteers to have a well-deserved break.”

If you would like to support Leah’s mega fundraising challenge, her donation page at https://rb.gy/ul2yup will remain open until Tuesday 31 May.

To find out more about all the dogs at Dogs Trust Loughborough waiting for forever homes, please go to www.dogstrust.org.uk

If you would like to take on a fundraising challenge of your own and raise money for Dogs Trust please visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising/guide/