Ten animals to follow on social media to brighten your days in lockdown

Online searches for animal videos increased by 22% in March, compared to searches in February 6, as the nation seeks ways to fill their time during lockdown.

With so many people turning to social media to keep entertained during these unprecedented times, pet food brand, Webbox has compiled a list of the best animals to add to your social feeds for some escapism while remaining indoors.

When it comes to hashtags, #dogs have been viewed 9.4 billion times on TikTok and #cats have nearly 7 billion views. Influencers are jumping on the bandwagon too, with 45% of online video contributors currently uploading at least one pet video a day.

What’s more, since the UK went into lockdown on March 16, there has been a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram and a 27% increase in engagement on TikTok.

It’s clearly that many Brits are turning to animals on social media to seek some much-needed relief. With this in mind, pet experts at Webbox have shared their favourite animal accounts across the web to follow:

1 Tuna the Chiweenie

It’s Tuna’s unique appearance that makes him so popular with millions across the world adoring his unique overbite and wrinkles. There is nobody quite like Tuna and his 2.1m followers love seeing him loving life in themed outfits.

2 Pumpkin the Racoon

Pumpkin was just one month old when she fell out of a tree and broke her leg. Sadly, her mother never returned for her, however she now lives with two rescue dogs and shares her love of food and family life with her 1.4 million followers.

3 Jill the Squirrel

How could you not love a squirrel called Jill? This seven-year old Squirrel can often be found wearing a party hat and tiara and apparently LOVES Starbucks, so she must find the lockdown particularly challenging. Follow for an insight into life with a squirrel.

4 Mocha Pom

Mocha is an adorable six-year old Pomeranian from Australia who is making waves on TikTok. Her adorable looks have allowed her to amass over 4 million followers on the platform – and it’s easy to see why.

5 Jupiter the Fox

Beautiful Juniper is a truly magical character to follow on Instagram. Not only do her owners love beautiful interiors, but she also lives with a variety of other animals including another Fox called Fig, a dog, a cat and two sugar gliders.

6 Mr Poof

Need a laugh? Then Mr Poof is the Instagram account for you. Based in Canada, this happy budgie keeps his fans entertained with his songs and hilarious one liners, he even has his own YouTube channel.

7 Sushi Said

Sushi Said is an adorable pup with over 2 million followers on TikTok. Beyond general cuteness, Sushi also has stunning bright blue ears.

8 Hamsters

If hamsters are more your thing, then you need to give Hamsters a follow. This account features an adorable tiny hamster, with some videos getting almost a million views.

9 Cabo the Blind Doggo

Cabo is a Mexican pooch who sadly lost his eyes but didn’t lose any of his cuteness. The followers agree, with Cabo’s videos racking up over 35 million likes in total.

10 Mr Potato

Mr Potato is a gorgeous ginger cat, who is an expert at being a couch potato. This cutie has almost 2 million followers, with some videos getting over half a million views at a time.


Camille Ashforth, Senior Brand Manager at Webbox said: “It seems we are all using social media more than ever right now. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and create fun content on the likes of TikTok too.

“It is important, however, not to get caught up in the 24hr news cycle which can end up causing feelings of stress and anxiety. For some constantly being reminded how to make the ‘perfect’ cake or being bombarded with exercise tips and expensive loungewear can be equally as stressful, which is why pets are perfect right now.

“For those not lucky enough to be accompanied by a pet at the moment, there are millions on social media who can brighten your day, and here at Webbox we love the ‘imperfect’ pets who embrace all their uniqueness – enjoy.”

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