The ‘life saver’ for pet allergy sufferers

Autumn usually means cosy nights in with the family and snuggling up with your pets, but it’s no fun for allergy sufferers.

If you or one of your family has an allergy to pets suffering the horrible hay fever-like symptoms, HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms have been proven to trap pet allergens before they enter the body.

The most common form of pet allergy is caused by the tiny particles of dead skin and saliva known as ‘dander’. Cat dander seems to be one of the most allergenic, possibly because the microscopic particles they shed are smaller than those from other animals. This means that they become airborne more easily and are airborne for longer so there’s more of a chance of breathing them in.

When these airborne particles from cats, dogs or other pets are breathed in through the nose, they can trigger lots of nasty symptoms, just like hay fever. Common symptoms include sore, itchy, watery, red eyes; sneezing and wheezing; and cold like symptoms such as a runny nose and sinus pain.

There is no cure for these allergies and most products work by treating the symptoms. HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms are different. They seek to stop the cause of the problem – namely too much allergen in the body – from occurring. This helps prevent symptoms completely or helps reduce the severity of symptoms by reducing the allergen load. Prevention is often better than the cure – especially when there is no cure!

HayMax is applied around the rim of the nostrils and the bones of the eyes to help trap pet allergens before they get in the body. Independent university studies have shown that HayMax traps pet dander before it enters the body, in addition to dust mite allergens and pollen.

The balms are drug-free, certified organic by the Soil Association and are made from 100% natural ingredients, so are suitable for children and pregnant and breast feeding women. There are no drowsy side-effects, so can be used by drivers, machine operators and sportspeople without affecting their performance or breaking any laws or anti-doping rules. Did you know that driving whilst taking antihistamines that make you drowsy could be classified as driving under the influence of drugs?

HayMax balms have won over 50 awards, including a Soil Association Organic Awards Winner, four Platinum Awards from Janey Lee Grace and The Allergy Friendly Product Award from leading national patient charity Allergy UK, awarded to products that are potentially of benefit to people affected by allergy, asthma, or sensitivity and are unlikely to cause a reaction. They carry the Vegetarian Society Approved vegetarian trademark.

Angela Davies comments, “Fantastic product. I don’t suffer with hayfever but my nose runs nearly all the time all year round. It is bad with cleaning products, dust, pet hair, cold weather, hot food just about anything really, sometimes I would just tilt my head forward & it would drip out with no warning. I have tried loads of nose sprays & antihistamine tablets but nothing works. I tried HayMax & within the first day or 2 my nose has hardly run. I cannot thank you enough for this truly great product it is a life saver & so nice not to be wiping my nose all the time. I have recommended this product to friends & family. It’s also great [that] it is a pure product with no side effects. Thanks again.”

HayMax balms are available to buy from independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, Holland & Barrett, Booths, Ocado, selected Superdrug, Morrisons and Boots.

You can also buy them direct via 01525 406600 or online from – RRP £6.99.