The Pets Factor returns to CBBC in July

The CBBC hit animal series – The Pets Factor returns for a seventh series on Monday 6 July, with tons of amazing pets and even more amazing vets.

Joining the show’s fab four vets, Cheryl, James, Cat and Rory is a new vet Fabian, who specialises on exotic animals.

From bearded dragons and boa constrictors, to parrots and hedgehogs – Fabian never knows what kind of weird and wonderful creatures are going to come through the doors of his West Midlands practice.

Fabian’s a fantastic addition to The Pets Factor’s dynamic and valiant vet squad as they inspire and entertain the next generation of vets, animal carers and pet lovers.

Over the course of 10 pet-packed episodes, this obs-doc entertainment series has ‘access all areas’ content following the vets’ fascinating work – whether it’s James retrieving a headphone from the stomach of a greedy Labrador, Cat solving the mystery of the bunny with blocked tear ducts, or Fabian delivering a tortoise egg.

As ever the series is packed with real life drama and emotional stories as the team try to fix the nation’s poorly pets of all shapes and sizes.

Episode one is a bumper first episode of this new series all five vets are back in action. Newbie Fabian needs to work out why Punk the bearded dragon can’t walk, James operates on a greedy golden retriever puppy called Dexter who has scoffed a headphone, whilst Rory’s got his hands full on a visit to Cheryl’s practice.

Rory has to entertain Cheryl’s new baby Alexander, before helping out with a grumpy dog called Brian with a case of kennel cough. Finally, Cat’s counting her chickens as she incubates some eggs from the local farm.

The seventh series of The Pets Factor airs on CBBC on Monday 6 July at 4:40pm.