The UK’s dog-friendly hotels need top notch treats for growing numbers of ‘staycation’ hounds

Latest figures suggest that 1 in 3 UK households now owns a dog, with 3.2 million new pets arriving since the Coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that large number of ‘pet parents’ are currently reluctant to travel abroad this summer has resulted in significant numbers of hotels wising up to the fact that appealing to dog owners is a sensible strategy for attracting new customers and changed their status to dog-friendly.

Short breaks away with the family dog is just the latest example of the ‘pet pound’ working harder than ever as growing reams of data suggest that large numbers of pet parents are more than happy to spend more on their pets than themselves, a ‘financial truth’ that’s particularly pertinent among dog-adoring millennials.

The best pet food packages extend far beyond a bowl or a basket or even access to the downstairs bar.  Today’s best ‘suited & booted’ pet hotels need to search far and wide to provide in-room meals and treats that can appease even the most fastidious and discriminating dog which is exactly where Pawfect Foods comes.

Pawfect is an upmarket dog treat provider that offers an array of upmarket treats made with human-grade ingredients and no synthetic nasties.  Whether we’re talking authentic Himalayan chhurpi chews, freeze-dried fruit & veg (Nature’s Bite), ‘Cheescuits’ packed with (70% ‘real’ cheese) Doggy herbal infusions (Doggy Cuppa) or freeze-dried nibbles (Nature’s Feast) available in goat and chicken-themed formats

Pawfect founder, Prash Patwardhan comments: “Dogs like humans are receptive to being spoilt when on their hols, which is why we’re keen to support those hotels who want to provide something a little more distinct and discerning from the usual supermarket & pet shop emporium fayre! Whether you’re an established chain or a standalone independent, we’d like to offer a helping paw to those food & beverage managers looking to ensure they offer the last word in discerning doggy staycations.”

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