Three-quarters of UK pet owners chose staycations over holidaying abroad

A survey by pet charity Blue Cross reveals the holiday habits of UK dog and cat owners with three- quarters preferring staycations compared to overseas breaks.

The survey conducted by YouGov spoke to 2090 pet owners in the UK and 76% said they would chose a UK holiday so that they can take their pet rather than holidaying abroad.

When asked about the barriers to travelling with pets, the survey showed that 47% of owners consider travelling abroad too expensive with a pet and more than half (54%) say they are worried their pet would get hurt travelling on a plane or ferry.

A staggering 84% of respondents who have taken their pets on holiday with them have chosen to travel via car.

On average, among dog and cat owners who have chosen a holiday because they could take their pet, countryside holidays with pets proved to be the most popular with 65% of respondents choosing them.

Mark Bossley, Chief Vet at London’s Victoria Animal Hospital, said: “We’re a nation of pet lowers so it’s no surprise that lots of people chose to go on holiday with their pets. We need to make sure that the four-legged members of the family are travelling safely and are happy, as there can be risks involved when travelling with them.”

Blue Cross is also offering advice to pet owners who wish to take their beloved pets on holiday with them.

Mark continues: “All pet owners must make sure that their dog is safely clipped into a car harness seat belt or in a travel crate and cats in a secure cat carrier. Always make sure you have lots of water for yourself and your pets, take breaks if on long journeys, and never leave you pet in the car unattended, as this can be fatal very quickly.

“One of the biggest threat to pets is heatstroke when in a car, so stay with them, lots of ventilation is key and keep an eye on them to make sure they’re looking happy and healthy so everyone can enjoy the holiday.”