Tiny newborn kittens rescued by the RSPCA have now found their forever home

Two newborn kittens who were rescued, and hand reared by the RSPCA have now landed on their paws in their new forever home.

Scrumpy and Marmalade were just a few hours old when they were rescued by Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Clara Scully in Somerset on April 15 after they were found outside the Morrisons distribution centre in Bridgwater.

Her colleague, Inspector Jo Daniel brought the kittens home and fed them around the clock as they were too young to be away from their mum.

At nine weeks old, the playful pair were rehomed to Charlotte Pimm and her family and have now settled into their new home.

Charlotte who lives in Taunton, said: “They were absolutely perfect. Completely crazy, but perfect. We’d been looking to adopt a cat for a while as my husband grew up with cats but we hadn’t found the right fit yet. Then my daughter Megan mentioned that her friend’s mum was fostering these two kittens. Straight away, we let Jo know that we were interested but they were so tiny so we really weren’t sure if it would happen.

“Then Scrumpy and Marmalade proved us all wrong and turned into two healthy kittens. Jo was so pleased they could be adopted to us as she said usually, she handrears them and then has to say goodbye, but this way she can see them grow up.

“They are so affectionate and so playful – it’s like having two toddlers. The pair are so close too, I’m so glad they didn’t get separated. When one is out of sight for a couple of minutes, they start meowing and looking for each other. It’s very sweet.”

Scrumpy and Marmalade are now nearly ten weeks old and have well and truly settled into life with Charlotte, her husband Steve and their daughter Megan, 12.

Animal rescuer Jo said: “Scrumpy and Marmalade were so tiny and vulnerable when they were found and they needed round the clock care. I’m so glad I was able to care for them and they are now in such a lovely home.

“Their story is not unusual, especially at this time of year as the traditional kitten season is now underway. The charity faces a cat crisis as we care for more cats than any other pet with nearly 1,000 cats currently in our care.

“Since lockdown began, we have rescued more than 600 cats and will rescue many more just like Scrumpy and Marmalade as our staff continue to work throughout the Coronavirus crisis.”