Tiny puppy abandoned in park looks for new start this Adoptober

A tiny puppy found unloved and unwanted in a park is looking for a new home where he’ll be loved for the first time.

German Shepherd Flynn was found by a dog warden in a Birmingham park on 7 October and taken in by the RSPCA.

He was taken in by The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home – run by the RSPCA South Cotswolds branch.

Fundraising manager Jane Ellis said: “Poor little Flynn must have been so frightened and confused. He was only tiny, weighing in at just 3kg, when he was found wandering alone having been abandoned in a park. He had some abdominal pain and his back was covered in scabby wounds due to an untreated skin condition so he’s had treatment for that and is now feeling much better.”

Flynn, thought to be around nine-weeks-old, is now ready to find his new home.

Jane added: “Flynn is a real baby and a typical puppy; he chews everything (shoes are a favourite!) and he’s very bright and bouncy. He’s very cheeky and very active so will need a home with owners who can keep him busy. He’s not had the best start in life and needs an experienced owner who can show him the ropes and continue his training and socialisation. He’ll make such a wonderful pet and a fabulous companion.”

Find out more about Flynn online. Staff at the rehoming centre expect Flynn will be very popular which means that, unfortunately, they may not be able to respond to all individual applications. If you are suitable then the centre will be in touch within seven days.

As part of the charity’s rehoming drive this October – called Adoptober – they want to shine a light on all of the dogs in their care and encourage people to adopt instead of shop.