Tomorrow set to be RSPCA’s busiest day this winter

The RSPCA is bracing itself for the busiest day this Christmas period: 11 December.

The animal welfare charity is expecting thousands of calls this week as their 24-hour emergency hotline received 55,821 calls from members of the public in December last year (2017).

Of those call, 2,640 of them were received on 11 December, which made it the busiest day.

As staff prepare for an influx of calls throughout the month and over the holidays, the charity is appealing to the public to help cover some of the costs it faces over this period.

RSPCA chief executive, Christ Sherwood, said: “The RSPCA is a charity, but we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that there is always someone available to help an animal in need. This Christmas is no different and we’re expecting thousands of members of public to contact our emergency hotline over the holidays asking for help.

“That’s why we’ve launched our Kindness at Christmas fundraising appeal to help cover some of the costs we’ll face this winter. A donation of just £3.80 helps us answer a call for help, while £15 helps to keep an inspector on the road for a day.”

The RSPCA remains open over Christmas with call handlers, inspector, animal centre workers and veterinary staff giving up their family time to help look after the animals and respond to call for help.

Over the Christmas period, the charity will deal with thousands of reports of animal cruelty:

Christmas Eve – 1,220 calls answered

Christmas Day – 726 calls answered

Boxing Day – 1,268 calls answered

New Year’s Eve – 1,306 calls answered

This winter, the RSPCA is asking the nation to show kindness to all of the animals in need this Christmas. Based on the last three winters, they charity expect more than 10,000 animals to be taken into their care this winter.

For more information on the Kindness at Christmas appeal, you can visit