Trio of kittens find purrfect place to rest their paws at Dogs Trust

Staff at Dogs Trust Kenilworth couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing- as they prepared to take rescue dogs for a lunchtime walk.

Canine carers thought they were going barking mad when amongst the canine chatter of the centre, they heard meowing.

When they went to investigate, they discovered not just one but three tabby kittens ‘litter’ally hiding in the bin area behind the rehoming centre.

The kittens have been named Skip, Dusty and Scrappy by staff at the Kenilworth rehoming centre.

Canine carer at the Dogs Trust rehoming centre, James Sowerby was the first to spot the mysterious moggies, he said: “It was such a tiny sound amidst the excitement of the dog walk, so we almost didn’t hear thm, but we’re so glad we did. Despite all of us being dog experts, we are thrilled we could use our charm on the kittens to coax them out and get them inside to some food and warmth, and cuddles of course.

“We think Skip Dusty and Scrappy are around six weeks old but with no microchips we’ll never know much about their journey to Dogs Trust. They were found on site behind locked gates so it’s unlikely they were abandoned. We think a stray cat has placed them there, but after scouring the grounds we didn’t see any trace of the mum.

“Our expert team cared for them overnight and kept checking to see if mum returned before calling our friends at the local Cats Protection who collected them the next day. We have no doubt that they will find their furry tail ending very soon. They are beautiful. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more feline friends.”

For more information on Dogs Trust Kenilworth or to rehome one of their not-so-feline residents, you can call 01926 569236 or visit