Tuft Global reveals grooming is a necessary expenditure for pet owners, despite cost-of-living crisis

Tuft Global, the nationwide grooming app for pet owners announces significant growth since the start of the year despite the cost-of-living crisis impacting dog owners’ spending.

From January 2022, the pet tech brand has increased its downloads by 29% and grown its user base tenfold, highlighting grooming as a necessary expenditure for dog owners.

With the huge increase in pet ownership over the last 18 months, alongside one in three households owning a dog, the demand for pet care has boomed. This is reinforced by the app’s daily users tripling since the start of the year, enabling the innovative software to expand into Europe after just one year on the market!

The upward trajectory inresulted in Tuft appointing Hermine Abdon as Head of International Growth.

With a decade experience in management consulting, social media and analytics, Hermine will be accelerating Tuft’s vision to become the leading international pet services app in Europe by strengthening the brand’s European marketing strategy.

Hermine commented: “I am delighted to be part of the Tuft team. The pet industry is booming, and Tuft’s unique business model means the pet tech brand has huge potential in the European market. It’s going to be a Tuft act to follow.”

Founder of Tuft, Chloe Smith, added: “We’re delighted to welcome Hermine to the team as we take our next steps in Tuft’s journey and increase the scalability of the business. The cost-of-living crisis presented many challenges with inflation causing the cost of grooming services to rise but, as grooming is essential for keeping pooches healthy, Tuft has managed to flourish.

“We’re looking forward to launching our software globally to make both groomers and dog owners lives’ easier.”

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