Two abandoned guinea pigs looking for a new home

Two guinea pigs are looking for a new home after being abandoned in a box in Sheffield.

Bear and Bandit are nine-month old brothers who were abandoned in a box outside RSPCA Sheffield animal centre in August this year.

The pair were quite timid after their ordeal but have grown in confidence over the last four months and are now being cared for by RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch.

Susie Hughes, manager at the branch, said: “They were abandoned outside the RSPCA centre in August but sadly the animal centre did not have the facilities to care for guinea pigs, so they were transferred to our care. The boys were understandably timid for quite some time but after spending time in their foster home and once they were neutered, this stunning pair have blossomed into great companions and are a joy to watch.

“The pair are inseparable – Bandit follows Bear wherever he goes and the two of them are always cuddling up together. They love their large enclosure and like to come out every night for an energetic play in their pen too. At the moment, they don’t enjoy too much handling but will happily sit on your lap, and make the most of being hand-fed.”

The RSPCA advise that Bear and Bandit need an indoor home and would benefit from having someone who has had guinea pigs before and can spend some time gaining their trust and watching them develop.

Sadly, the charity received 1,402 reports of abandoned guinea pigs over the last three years. Complaints of abandoned guinea pigs reached a peak in 2016 with 506 being reported to the charity, in 2015 this was 437 and 459 in 2017.

For more information on Bear and Bandit you can call the branch on 0161 882 0680.