Two elderly cats finally find forever home

Two senior cats from RSPCA Northamptonshire have been rehomed after their appeal reached a student vet nurse in Norfolk who offered them a retirement home.

Lucy Marheineke from Kings Lynn rehomed Leon and Nikita (16 October) from the RSPCA Northamptonshire branch where they have been cared for ever since their previous owners could no longer care for them.

Due to their age, the staff at the branch were very keen to get the 21-year old cats into a loving home as soon as possible and following an appeal to find them a retirement pad, Lucy and her partner Ciaran came forward.

Lucy said: “I spotted the press story on Leon and Nikita and emailed the branch straight away. I’ve already got a 14-year old cat called Herman from Cats Protection so I’m used to having an older cat. I work at a vets and I’ve cared for the older, slightly broken cats so I knew I could help Leon and Nikita.”

The friendly brothers licked Lucy and seemed to take a liking to her straight away. Once home, they ate some food and curled up to sleep on their bed almost immediately.

Michelle Billingham, from RSPCA Northamptonshire Adoptions Team said: “We are just so thrilled that we could find such a perfect home for Leon and Mikita. We’d like to thank everyone who shared their story. They are just the sweetest pair and really deserve this second chance at happiness.

“We have now launched an appeal to help other golden just like Leon and Mikita whose medication, specialist food and treatments can be quite costly for the branch.”

RSPCA Northamptonshire launched their ‘Senior Kittizens’ fund on their Facebook page which will help fund the cost of caring for older cats.

Anyone wanted to support the branch you can text LEON 5 to 70450 to donate £5.

Leon and Nikita’s rehoming success coincides with the RSPCA’s rehoming campaign Adoptober which shines a light on the animals needing homes across England and Wales and encourages people to adopt, don’t shop.

The charity has seen a surge in people interested in getting a pet over lockdown and stories like this one shows why rehoming a rescue pet is so important.