Two older cats are looking for a second chance at happiness

Two older cats, Poppet and Parker, are hoping to find their second chance of happiness after they were both abandoned by their previous owners.

Nine-year old Poppet is 52 in human years and 12-year old Parker is 64 in human years, meaning they have a combined age of 116.

On average, it takes the RSPCA twice as long to rehome a cat over the age of three and more than three times as long to rehome an older cat, with an average of 45 days to rehome a cat over seven years old compared to a kitten which takes just 12 days.

However, the RSPCA Stourbridge branch is hoping someone will take a chance on these golden oldies who still have so much love to give.

Poppet (pictured above) has been in the care of the branch since July after she was abandoned several years previously when her owners moved out of their house and left her behind. She spent years trying to find shelter under cars, curling up on doorsteps trying to get warm, and over the years had become in a really poor condition.

Heather Cain, RSPCA Stourbridge and District branch, said: “Poor Poppet was in a truly awful condition. We spotted her when we were trying to help with another cat situation – she’s only about nine years old but she looked like she was in her teens. She was skin and bone and her coat was filthy dirty and matted.

“It was as though she had given up trying to look after herself a long time ago. It just wasn’t on her agenda when each day became about surviving the elements. When she was called over, she came to greet us and enjoyed some fuss and purred, despite everything she had been through, so we made enquiries with local residents and were able to establish her history.

“She was amazingly grateful to have been rescued and have a warm and safe environment for the first time in years. Our fosterer brushed loads of dead fur out of her coat and she is now starting to transform before our very eyes.”

Poppet had a full vet check which revealed that she is diabetic so needs insulin injections and also had some rotten teeth which were removed as soon as she was well enough.

Parker’s owners left him behind after they sold their house.

Heather added: “Poppet is extra special to us and we want to find her an extra special home, her new home needs to be relatively quiet as she is a gentle soul. She would make a brilliant companion cat as she likes to be on your lap and follow you around and also likes a nice, warm comfy spot to snooze a few hours away.

“We are hoping to find someone who has experience of diabetes and is not fazed by giving the regular insulin injections Poppet will need.”

Parker was also living outside after his owners sold their house and left him behind. The new homeowners had been feeding him since they moved in 12 months earlier, but unfortunately, at around 12 years old, his health started to deteriorate, and the new homeowners’ current pets would not tolerate him in the house, so they sought help from the branch.

Heather added: “At his grand old age, he was so grateful for a comfy, warm bed and straight away picked his favourite bed by the radiator in his foster home. Once he came into RSPCA care, he was diagnosed by vets with stage two kidney failure which can be managed with a special prescription food but will mean he requires medication in the future.

“Parker is also deaf and has a little bit of arthritis in his back legs which he takes supplements for but despite all this, he is a really gentle and friendly cat who loves fuss and some bad company. When he isn’t purring and headbutting for affection, he will happily snooze in his bed.

“What we want more than anything is for Parker to be somewhere he can be safe and happy for whatever time he has left.”

Parker would make a great companion cat as he is very friendly. Given his age, health and his hearing impairment. Parker will need access to a small patio or supervised visits to a secure garden in the summer months rather than roaming free.

He is unphased by other animals so could be rehomed with a placid dog or cat – CKD can be a difficult disease to manage so ideally, he would need an owner who has previous experience of this and will know how to ensure Parker has the happiest time for however that may be.

The branch can offer support for the cost of the on-going health conditions for both these cats provided the owners is within the branch are and continues treatment with the branch vets.

If you think you can give one of these cats a loving home, you can visit the RSPCA Stourbridge and District branch website here.