Two ponies are latest rescues at equine welfare charity

Two ponies are rescued by equine welfare charity after being confined to a concrete yard in Devon for over a year.

George and Tomahawk are now settling into their new home at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary near Newton Abbot, joining over 600 rescued horses and ponies.

George and Tomahawk’s arrivals brings the total number of equines rescued by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in 2021 to five, an average of one rescue per month.

As the restrictions of the pandemic ease, the charity is relieved that its rehoming scheme can be fully promoted again – a vital way to create space at its sanctuaries for new rescues.

The charity was contacted by George and Tomahawk’s owner, who had been struggling to provide the level of care these horses needed due to a change in their personal circumstances.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary’s welfare outreach and advice team found that the Cob and Shetland pony pair had been confined to their yard with just a cattle-shed for shelter and the owner was no longer able to care for them.

The pair had various health issues and their routine worming and lice treatments were long-overdue, meaning they were burdened with internal and external parasites. The charity agreed with their owner that their needs could not be met under the circumstances, so emergency intervention was taken – bringing great relief to their owner.

After arriving at the Sanctuary in Newton Abbot, the pair have recently completed their quarantine period.

Twelve-year old skewbold Shetland Tomahawk had a history of laminitis and has Equine asthma (RAO). His feet were long and his toes ‘slippered’ and he had thrush in each foot. George, a 27-year-old bay Cob had rubbed his coat where lice had irritated him, he had bilateral hindlimb stiffness and poor grazing ability due to worn incisors.

Welfare advisor Leah Brock was involved in their rescue.  She said: “I am pleased the owner had been brave enough to contact us for help and relieved for George and Tomahawk. They have a safe and secure future.”

The charity is asking for donations to support its daily work to provide lifelong care to horses and ponies like George and Tomahawk here.

Alternatively, people able to rehome a rescue horse or pony on a loan basis are encouraged to find out more about its Sanctuary at Home scheme.