Two transformed pooches looking for new homes

Dogs Trust Snetterton is celebrating the remarkable progress that two of its challenging residents have made.

Dave the Beagle and Tim the Terrier Cross, both aged four, came into the rehoming centre with a number of behavioural issues that the charity has been working hard on.

Tim the Terrier Cross

The pair have done so well that they are now ready to find their forever homes.

Tim was taken to the centre by a dog warden in June and in a short space of time, staff have helped him to feel less anxious, so that he’s now much quieter with people and can cope with being touched and harnessed.

Clicker and target training helped to play a huge part in his progress and meant that staff could transfer his attention to a target when strangers were around.

When he went into the rehoming centre in February, Dave was a worried and frightened dog and would behave aggressively in an attempt to keep himself safe. After a lot of training and understanding, Dave showed a complete turnaround in his behaviour from May as staff at the centre helped to make him feel secure.

Dogs Trust Snetterton’s Rehoming Centre Manager, Diane McLelland-Taylor, said: “Both Dave and Tim have done incredibly well since arriving at the centre. Dave has got to the point that he’s completely relaxed and even gets excited when he knows he’s heading to the training barn. It’s more unusual for a Beagle to be so eager to train – but he loves it.

“Equally, Tim gets very excited when he sees the target come out for training and adores the sound of the clicker – he’s a clever boy that’s happy to keep learning. Through positive reinforcement and patient and kind training methods these boys are reformed characters and even ready to be rehomed. We’re so proud of them.”

Tim loves his walks and wants a garden of his own to play and train in with a quiet home and human pals over the age of 16. Dave would prefer a rural home, and whilst he enjoys socialising with other dogs, he would like to be the only dog in an adult only home.

Both dogs will need understanding and patient new owners that are willing to continue with their training and take the time to build a bond with them.

If you think you could provide the perfect home for one of these lovely pooches, you should contact the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292.