Webbox undertakes major rebrand

Pet food brand, Webbox has announced its biggest every rebrand to date, unveiling a brand-new look across its product packaging.

Exploring the company’s ‘Joy in Every Moment’ ethos, ‘Life’s a Game’ was born as a creative concept and inspired the new colourful visuals you will see on supermarket shelves from summer 2019.

Julie Butcher, head of marketing at Pets Choice, comments: “We pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative food and treats for cats, dogs and most recently hedgehogs, to enjoy and it was so important to us that our new packaging reflected exactly what we stand for as a brand.

“Fun, inventive and cheeky is the best way to describe our new branding. It’s a completely different look and feel for us but one that we’re confident encapsulates everything we believe in.”

Initially focusing on the leading cat and dog treat ranges, the brand will continue to roll out the new design across its core Webbox portfolio.

Julie concludes: “We’re delighted that the new branding is starting to make its way to supermarket shelves and are hopeful it will be as well received by pet owners as the contents are by their four-legged friends.”

For more information about Webbox you can visit www.webbox.co.uk or tweet them at @WebboxPetFood.