Young cat found hiding in garage finds new home

A young cat that was found hiding in a garage near Wembley, North West London has now found her forever home.

Mechanics working in the garage discovered the one-year old tortoiseshell, named Jamillah and immediately contacted animal welfare charity Mayhew.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Paul Grimes, said: “When we collected Jamilah from the garage, she was covered in dirt and look frightened. We immediately brought her back to Mayhew to be seen by our vet team. She was ever so friendly, enjoying lots of fuss and strokes.

“From the state of Jamillah, it looked like she had been hiding in the garage for a couple of weeks. We can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for her.”

The young cat was given a thorough health check by Mayhew’s on-site vet team. She was given a flea and worming treatment, micro chipped and later fully vaccinated and neutered.

Mayhew provide a low-cost neutering service at their community vet clinic with a free pick & Snip service to encourage people who have been unable to neuter their cat due to cost, disability or transport availability.

Animal Welfare Officer, Paul Grimes, added: “A young female cat like Jamillah is likely to become lost or stray due to not being neutered. Female cats can be chased away from their local area by un-neutered male cats trying to mate with them.”

As Jamillah wasn’t micro chipped and no one came forward to collect her, she was put up for adoption after receiving medical attention and has now found as new forever home with the Dwek family and renamed Piper.

They said: “Our beautiful Piper has flourished and completely come out of her shell since arriving. She loves staring outside the windows gawping at the birds and has thoroughly enjoyed exploring the garden.”