Young tabby seeks shelter with strangers to give birth

A young stray cat was rescued by Mayhew after seeking shelter with a stranger to give birth safely.

One-year old Peeky was due to give birth when she visited a stranger’s house multiple times over the course of a few days – scouting it out as a potential ‘maternity ward’.

The clever tabby cat liked what she saw, as shortly after giving birth to three kittens on a nearby roof, she carefully carried them inside the house she had found.

The homeowner was shocked to discover a newborn litter in the kitchen, and even more surprised when Peeky returned again with an older kitten from a previous litter. The homeowner recognised the cat who had been seen around the property and called animal charity, Mayhew for help.

A spokesperson for Mayhew said: “We quickly headed out to collect the young family and bring them back to our shelter, where we settled Peeky and her three newborns into a cosy kitten cabin to rest and recover. We immediately noticed Peeky’s son from a previous litter was semi-feral, so we admitted him to our main Cattery to await neutering.

“Peeky herself was incredibly shy and nervous on intake, and so we allowed her to acclimatise and bond with her new kittens before we conducted a health check. Luckily, she soon calmed down after a few days in our care, and we were then able to fully assess her and her kittens. Thankfully mum and babies were all in excellent health, and had not suffered from any adverse effects from being born on a roof.”

Mayhew successfully neutered Peeky’s semi-feral son under Trap, Neuter,Return (TBR) programme and as soon as he had recovered from the procedure, he was released back into the area he was found.

Peeky and her kittens are now being looked after by one of the charity’s dedicated foster carers, who will provide them with a safe home until they are ready to find their forever families.

If you would like to adopt Peeky or her kittens when the time is right, you can keep an eye on Mayhew’s rehoming pages here, where the relevant information will be added as soon as they are available.