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Help dogs adjust to Covid-19 face masks

More and more people are wearing masks out in public and the RSPCA is offering dog owners tips on getting pets used to the new face coverings. Since 15 June in England, everyone travelling on public transport must wear a face covering and, in Wales, a three-layer covering is recommended where physical distancing is not […]

Nutravet offers tips and advice for pet owners during the Covid-19 outbreak

Natural animal health company, Nutravet continued their dedicated support for pet owners throughout the Covid-19 crisis with a continued campaign of updates and advice on pet health to make sure pets receive the best care possible whilst many veterinary practices offered a limited service. The company who manufactures the number 1 veterinary exclusive joint support, […]

How to care for your Degu

By Emma Purnell, RVN Cert.Nut Degus are becoming more popular and can be fun and sociable pets but have some very specific care requirements. The degu is a rodent, fairly closely related to the guinea pig and the chinchilla. They can live until 8-9 years of age when cared for correctly so this needs to […]

Q&A with Canine Partners

National assistance dog charity, Canine Partners celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year (2020). However the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic has brought the charity many challenges when it comes to training assistance dogs for people living with physical disabilities across the UK. Canine Partners and many charities in the UK need your help more than ever […]

A guide to understanding separation anxiety in pets

We all love our dogs and would be more than happy to spend 24 hours a day in their company. However, with work commitments, that is not always possible, and some dogs can become anxious when left alone, for even just a few hours. If you have a new dog, suddenly leaving them alone can […]

Are you ready to get the pawty started with the ‘Virtual Kitty Corner’?

LondonCats Worldwide want to keep you entertained and feline good whilst stuck at home with their brand-new Virtual Kitty Corner. Live streaming on Saturday 11th July from 12pm, the virtual event will be filled with delightful treats for the whole family to enjoy. You can expect an epic festival-style day of everything feline-related, from live […]