Arden Grange expands award-winning sensitive dry dog food range

With rising consumer demand for a choice in foods for dogs with sensitivities, Arden Grange, has updated its Sensitive Range with the launch of new ‘Superfood Blend’ recipes, as well as two new products.

Ness Bird, Nutrition Advisor for Arden Grange comments: “The superfood blend of plant and fruit extracts have excellent antioxidant properties and will provide much needed support to dogs’ immune systems and overall health. Now with the additional new products, the Sensitive range can further help dogs of differing sizes with digestive and skin sensitivities.”

The new products are grain-free and include ocean white fish, potato and sweet potato as the three main ingredients, all of which are easily digestible and have low allergenicity. Prebiotics FOS and MOS further aid digestion, while omega-3 and 6 from krill and linseed help support the skin and coat condition, as well as the brain and heart. Joint supplements, glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin promote healthy, supple joints.

New Superfood Blend

The ‘Superfood Blend by Arden Grange’ is included within all Arden Grange dry Sensitive dog  diets. The blend combines nine new natural ingredients that have proven health benefits including; citrus extract to help reduce inflammation and support the immune system and dried dark fruit and berry extracts to help protect against free radicals. Curcumin (the main active compound in the turmeric root) is included for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while black pepper increases the absorption time of curcumin into the body.

Sensitive Adult Mini – ocean white fish & potato

Suitable for smaller dog breeds, Sensitive Adult Mini is available in 2kg and 6kg retail bag sizes. The food itself will consist of smaller sized kibble compared to the already existing ‘Sensitive Adult’ diet food, specially developed with smaller teeth and jaws in mind.

Sensitive Adult Large Breed– ocean white fish & potato

Created for larger dog breeds, Sensitive Adult Large Breed is available in 2kg and 12kg retail bag sizes. It includes larger sized kibble and a higher quantity of joint supplements, in comparison to the pre-existing ‘Sensitive Adult’ diet food. This will help to maintain supple, strong joints and cartilage, which is important in large and giant breed dogs. It also contains L-Carnitine to help increase fat metabolism and improve stamina.

Arden Grange ‘Sensitive’ range

The award-winning Arden Grange ‘Sensitive’ grain free range features diets suitable for all breeds and life stages, with each recipe providing optimum nutrition. The full range consists of:

  • Sensitive Puppy / Junior 2kg & 12kg retail bags
  • Sensitive Adult 2kg, 6kg and 12kg retail bags
  • Sensitive Light / Senior 2kg & 12kg retail bags.
  • Sensitive Adult Large Breed 2kg & 12kg retail bags
  • Sensitive Adult Mini 2kg & 6kg retail bags
  • Sensitive cat food – Available in 400g, 2kg and 4kg.
  • Sensitive Crunchy Bites dog treats – 250g
  • Sensitive Partners – wet dog food – 395g

The new products will be available to order from February 2022. For more information on Arden Grange products, please visit