Scrumbles launch into Tesco

British made, gut-friendly pet food brand Scrumbles has launched into over 600 Tesco stores with 17 products, including the launch of an exclusive range of treats, Pures, suitable for both cat and dogs.

Fast growing pet food start up Scrumbles have launched into 610 Tesco stores this morning (18th of October) which the founders hail a huge step forward for the brand, which has seen continued success since its launch in 2018 and an infamous appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2019 where they turned down an offer from Deborah Meadon.

Aneisha Soobroyen, Scrumbles co-founder says; “This is a real ‘pinch us’ moment. It feels like only yesterday (co-founder) Jack, and I were packing orders out of our kitchen, and now we’re working with the UK’s leading retailer to feed as many pets our gut-friendly recipes as possible. Our mission of course, is to disrupt the pet food industry with our kind on tums and planet recipes, all whilst feeding our pets food and treats they absolutely adore and deserve. So, this is a major milestone for us, and we couldn’t be happier with the support Tesco are offering.”

“As part of the launch we’re excited to exclusively offer our brand new “Pures”, which we’ve designed to delight both cats & dogs alike. The first of its kind on the shelves of any major retailer. Since launching we’ve had constant requests for a product that owners can feed to both their furry friends, and these treats are the result.”

Shoppers can expect to find a wide range of Scrumbles food and treats for both cats & dogs. Including a gut friendly range of wet & dry foods, Scrumbles’ famous plant based dental treats, Gnashers and their freeze-dried meaty treats, Pures.

Scrumbles Pures are made from 100% meat, which is why they’re suitable for both species. What’s more, as the meat is gently freeze-dried, the treats are also suitable for both raw and cooked feeders alike. Pures come in two flavours, responsibly sourced chicken & salmon.

In just 4 years Scrumbles has grown from co-founders, husband and wife Aneisha and Jack Walker packing orders from their kitchen in Croydon, to a team generating over £10M of annual sales. Inspired by their own pets’ sensitive tummies, all their products have a focus on gut health; featuring natural prebiotic slippery elm and live bacteria, probiotics.

One of just two pet food brands in the UK to certify as a B Corporation, Scrumbles produce all their recipes in the UK, use responsibly sourced ingredients like British Chicken or sustainably sourced Salmon and use greener packaging options. Their packaging has been carefully designed to be either fully recyclable or plastic free and home compostable. Plus, as a member of 1% for the Planet, they give back 1% of their sales to environmental causes around the globe.

The Tesco launch will be accompanied by Scrumbles first ever TV advert airing in November, as part of a wider above the line campaign.


Leading animal charity appoints new interim head

Cats Protection has appointed a new interim chief executive, along with three new trustees, as the charity continues to grow its ambitions and increase its impact on cat welfare.

Not-for-profit veteran Charles Darley moves into the role having previously held chief executive and senior leadership roles in the Church of England, the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), Open University, Virgin Media and Royal Mail.

He succeeds James Yeates who stepped down from the role in September to lead the World Federation for Animals.

Chair of Cats Protection, Linda Upson, said: “It’s a pleasure to announce the appointment of Charles who has a track record of leading growth and transformation across more than a dozen charities, after a career leading business transformation as a marketing and strategy director in a number of FTSE-listed companies. As an experienced interim, he has committed to leading the organisation for the next 12 months and define the details of the delivery plan for the first stage in our 10-year strategy.”

Charles says he’s an enthusiastic cat owner and knows how significant they can be in helping to reduce stress and loneliness.

He said: “During the Covid lockdowns, cats have become increasingly important to the nation’s mental health. However, 4.5m cats still show some signs of stress themselves so I’m delighted to play a part in helping owners understand how to improve their cats’ wellbeing and welfare.”

Cats Protection has also appointed three new trustees who Linda says bring with them a wealth of experience and an impressive spectrum of expertise.

Up to nine members sit on the charity’s trustee board and can serve a maximum of three, three-year terms.

The three new appointees are:

  • Media expert Amanda Farnsworth who has held some of the most high profile leadership roles in the BBC.
  • Chief executive of Warwick Students’ Union, Rob Parkinson, who has extensive leadership experience within the charity sector.
  • Fellow chartered accountant Sarah Hunt who is currently the head of Audit UK & Ireland for British Airways’ owner IAG.

Linda said: “We’re excited to have this new group of experts join the charity and bring their unique talents and perspectives. Together they will help continue to position Cats Protection as the UK’s leading cat welfare charity.”

More information about the work of Cats Protection can be found at

Lily’s Kitchen’s October deals and promotions

This October, Lily’s Kitchen – the award-winning producer of proper food for pets – has announced a range of super savings, to please all our furry friends throughout October.

From 20% off the entire Lily’s Kitchen website to dental chews that make perfect smiles, there’s no excuse to not treat your four-legged friend this Autumn.

Lily’s Kitchen Baked Treats











The Lily’s Kitchen Baked Treats are available from Waitrose at 2 for £4.50 (usually £2.75 each).

The Breaktime Biscuits are the perfect pre-lunch pick me up. Dogs will love putting their paws up and savouring the delicious taste of these crunchy biscuits.

Available until 2nd November in store and online.

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chew











The Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush is available from Pets At Home for Buy One Get One Half Price!

Dogs are important from their teeth to their toes, so Lily’s Kitchen has turned natural ingredients into a mouth-watering daily dental chew that’s kind on tummies too. Thanks to its chewy bubbly texture, the Woofbrush reaches the gumline to help fight plaque. Its delicious taste turns teeth cleaning into a joy!

Available now until 23rd November in store and online.

Lily’s Kitchen Dry Food for Puppies












Lily’s Kitchen Dry Puppy Food (1kg bags) is available with 20% off from the Ocado website.

Puppies deserve the healthiest start in life, so Lily’s Kitchen have made this unique, grain-free and complete dry recipe just for them. Made with health-promoting ingredients like salmon oil to help condition their skin and fur, glucosamine and chondroitin to help promote healthy, growing joints and prebiotics to support good digestion.

Available from now until 26th October.

20% off at Lily’s Kitchen Online 

Save 20% on the full range from the Lily’s Kitchen website from 25th to 31st October.

 Lily’s Kitchen prides itself on producing proper food for pets, made with natural ingredients, full of goodness for both cats and dogs.  

 The deal is around for a limited time only, so spoil your pups and kitties with some limited-edition Halloween and Christmas treats while you can!

Dogs Trust issues firework advice for four-legged friends and owners

With firework season set to whizz-pop into our lives again with the approach of Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night, Dogs Trust is issuing advice to dog owners to help pets who might be scared by the unexpected bangs and bursts of fireworks.

Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust says: “Dogs have approximately four times more sensitive hearing than humans, so the loud cracks and bangs of fireworks can often be a terrifying and confusing experience for them. Fireworks tend to be sudden, unpredictable and bright. This combination can be distressing and have a lasting impact on dogs.

“There are lots of things dog owners can do to help make fireworks less stressful for their dogs. Simple steps such as providing safe spaces for them to hide or settling them before the fireworks start can make a big difference.

“We would also urge anyone thinking of putting on their own fireworks display to consider the welfare of their four-legged friends and others in the neighbourhood by following our Firework Dog Code.”

Here are Dogs Trust’s top tips –

  • Walk your dog before dark – make sure your dog is exercised and has had a toilet break well before any fireworks could start.
  • Feed your dog before the fireworks begin as they may become unsettled and not want to eat during the fireworks.
  • Make sure your house and garden are secure during the fireworks, as some dogs may try to run away if they’re scared.
  • Provide a safe hiding place – make sure your dog has somewhere safe in their favourite room, for example a comfy bed under a table with blankets to make it cosy and help with soundproofing. Close the curtains, turn lights on, and turn up the volume on your TV or radio to mask the firework noises.
  • Keeping your dog busy indoors can help take their mind off the noise. Play games or practise some reward-based training.
  • Comfort and reassure your dog. Try to remain calm yourself and avoid telling your dog off as this might make them more worried.
  • If your dog just wants to hide away then don’t force them to come out of their hiding place, allow them to stay where they feel safe.

If you are planning a firework display at home, please consider:

  • Letting your neighbours know well in advance, so they can prepare their dogs.
  • Limiting your display to 30 minutes or less.
  • Opting for quieter, lower decibel fireworks.

Jenna adds: “For those who have welcomed a puppy into their life recently, we also have free sound therapy programmes on our website that can help to gradually expose puppies to different noises in a positive way, so they perceive them as normal.

“If your dog is very worried by fireworks or other loud noises, they might need longer-term treatment. If that is the case, it would be a good idea for owners to have a chat with their vet. They can check there are no underlying health conditions that might be affecting behaviour, and then owners can discuss referral to an accredited behaviourist for support and tailored advice.”

For further advice about preventing and dealing with fear of loud noises such as fireworks, please visit


Fashion week comes to Southampton Pet Store

A pet food and accessory retailer in Southampton launched a dog ‘catwalk’ to showcase its new Autumn and Winter range of dog coats from popular doggy fashion wear brand, Pomppa.

Healthy Pet Store in Salisbury Road, Totton, recently received its new range of stylish dog jackets for the Autumn and Winter season in a range of colours including petrol blue and orange.

Five dog models were cast to pose on a red carpet outside of Healthy Pet Store and strut their tails up and down the pop up catwalk in a dog-friendly photoshoot.

The fashion show engaged much interest from passersby who stopped to watch the dogs pose for the camera and there were even dogs wanting to join in.

Managing director Deborah Burrows said: “It was so much fun to create a red carpet fashion show for dogs. The new range of Pomppa jackets are a great purchase, especially as we head into the cooler months and the temperatures start to drop. We wanted to show dog owners in a lighthearted and different way how lovely these jackets look with our customers’ pups taking the spotlight.

“The photos look wonderful and our doggy models couldn’t have posed better if they tried! It was fantastic. We are looking forward to rolling out the imagery on our social media soon and hopefully we will see an increase in Pomppa jacket sales for the autumn/winter season”.

For more events at Healthy Pet Store visit the website or keep an eye on its social media channels.

Menios (left) and Szimpi (right) taking on the catwalk together

‘Fang-tastic’ Freddie is looking for a new home for Halloween

A rescue dog at Dogs Trust Bridgend with a striking and spooky resemblance to a vampire bat is looking for a new home for Howl-o-ween.

Freddie, an eight-year-old Pug cross Jack Russell Terrier, has an array of strange bat-like features, from pointy ears, to orb-like eyes and fantastic fangs. He came into Dogs Trust Bridgend with his furry friend Lottie a two-year-old Shih Tzu cross and they are looking to be rehomed as a happy pair.

Whilst he wouldn’t look out of place in Transylvania, staff are hoping that a local dog lover can embrace his quirky looks and offer him and Lottie a loving new home.

Carol Eagle, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Bridgend, said, “We are amazed by how much Freddie’s features resemble a vampire bat! But, despite his appearance, Freddie could not be further from a vampire and is actually an extremely sweet-natured character. He is sociable with other dogs, loves playing with tennis balls and is an active lad who loves his adventures. Lottie is more on the shy side but soon comes round with some tasty treats and a gentle approach. They are a delightful duo who would make a great addition to someone’s home.”

The pair would love an adult-only home with owners who are around for most of the day. They could live with an existing dog in their new home and have previously lived with cats.

If fang-tastic Freddie and his friend Lottie have cast a spell on you and you think you could give them, or any of the other dogs a loving new home, please visit to start the virtual adoption process.


Man jailed after more than 170 animals rescued in UK’s ‘biggest rescue mission’

A man has been jailed after 170 animals were found living in poor conditions on a Surrey farm in one of the UK’s biggest ever animal rescue operations.

Surrey Police executed a warrant at a farm in Ripley, Surrey, on 9 January 2019 as part of an RSPCA-led investigation into concerns for the welfare of horses at the site. Guildford Borough Council, Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards, Bransby Horses, Redwings, The Horse Trust, The Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare, Dogs Trust and a number of vets assisted on the day.

This week, a man was jailed at Guildford Crown Court for causing unnecessary suffering to two horses and one goat, and failing to meet the needs of 171 animals including 131 horses, 33 dogs, two alpacas and five birds.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene discovered two starving ponies, suffering from cyathostominosis (a disease caused by parasites) in one pen and a goat collapsed in another. In court, their owner admitted to failing to provide them with enough nutritious food or seek vet treatment for them. Sadly, all three animals were put to sleep at the scene on the advice of vets to prevent them from further suffering.

Huge herds of ponies, many riddled with worms, were living out in fields with hazardous metal and broken fencing sticking up from the thick mud. Inside two barns were pens full with donkeys, goats, alpacas and ponies; many of them standing on top of 2ft-3ft of months worth of waste and faeces. Many were skinny and had underlying health conditions.

Dozens of dogs – some heavily pregnant and others with tiny puppies in tow – were found chained and tethered on the filthy yard, while others were shut inside tiny cramped cages or makeshift kennels.

The owner admitted to animal welfare charges including causing unnecessary suffering to two collapsed ponies and one collapsed goat, and not meeting the needs of more than 100 others by failing to provide:

  • A suitable environment free from hazards that could cause injury and pain such as metal, plastic, splintered wood and unsafe fencing and barriers;
  • A constant supply of clean drinking water for each animal.

  • Adequate parasitic treatment or control.

  • Access to adequate nutrition.

  • Treatment for or prevention of illness, pain and disease such as eye infection and salmonella, thrush, diarrhoea, giardia, campylobacter.

  • Routine dental care.

  • Routine farrier / hoof / nail trimming and attention.

  • Treatment or veterinary attention for lameness.

  • A clean, comfortable, dry resting place.

  • Adequate space for animals that need to be apart from each other.

He also pleaded guilty to a number of charges in relation to disposal of animal by-products after bones and skeletons were also found at the farm, buried among muck or wrapped in rugs.

‘Huge’ rescue mission

A total of 204 animals were discovered at the site. While three were sadly put to sleep at the scene, the rest (201) were taken for appropriate care, including 129 horses and donkeys, 59 dogs, three alpacas, five goats, four chickens and one duck. Some of the sickest animals received immediate veterinary care while others were taken for treatment nearby, and those that were considered fit to travel by on-site vets were transferred to Bransby Horses, Redwings, The Horse Trust, The Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare and RSPCA centres for care and rehabilitation.

RSPCA Special Operations Unit case officer Kirsty Withnall – who coordinated the huge rescue mission and led the investigation – said: “The RSPCA and World Horse Welfare officers had received complaints about the farm and had been looking into these concerns and gathering evidence.

“This was a huge multi-agency rescue mission which was the culmination of weeks of planning and evidence gathering. In total, there were 100 staff from different agencies working on the case to help round up the animals. It took almost 12 hours on the day to assess all of the animals, load them into horse boxes and animal ambulances, and move them off-site; making it one of the biggest coordinated rescue missions the UK has ever seen.

“We had to have a plan in place that would allow us to remove a large number of animals on the day but we hoped that wouldn’t be necessary and had no idea what action would be taken until vets were able to assess all of the animals.”

Despite urgent veterinary treatment – including from vets at one of the country’s leading equine hospitals – sadly 14 horses who were weak, emaciated, had serious worm burdens and were suffering from cyathostominosis died or were put to sleep (on veterinary advice). Despite the charities’ best efforts to save them, two dogs and one goat had to be put to sleep (on vet advice), and one chicken and one duck sadly died.

Twenty foals were born in charity care – although two were sadly stillborn – as well as six goat kids, one alpaca and nine puppies, although two sadly died shortly after birth.

Inspector Withnall added: “The reason I do my job is because I care passionately about animals and I’ll be overjoyed when all of these animals are in loving homes being given the care, love and attention they deserve.”

On Friday (15 October), Geoffrey John Bennett of Portsmouth Road, Ripley, was jailed for 19 weeks and disqualified from keeping all animals (including keeping, participating in the keeping of and dealing) for life having previously pleaded guilty to a number of offences** including two Animal Welfare Act offences relating to 131 horses, 33 dogs, two alpacas and five birds, as well as six offences of failing to dispose of animal by-products.

Sentencing Bennett, the court recorder took into account his guilty plea, age and health problems, but noted the severity of the offences and felt only an immediate jail term was appropriate. The judge also ordered that he receive 12 months supervision on release from prison.

Rosewood Pet Products raises £7,750 with charity sale

Rosewood Pet Products has raised £7,750 for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, following a sample sale held at its headquarters in Hortonwood, Telford. 

Following on from Rosewood’s first sample sale in 2018, the event which took place this September was the most successful to date, surpassing last year’s amount raised by over £2,000. 
Customers had the chance to choose from a range of pet toys, beds, collars, treats and apparel for every kind of animal, discounted by up to 90%. 
100% of proceeds have been donated to Midlands Air Ambulance, one of the longest established and busiest air ambulance organisations in the UK. The charity is responsible for funding and operating three air ambulance helicopters and two critical care cars serving six counties across the Midlands. In addition, surplus stock not sold on the day has been donated to charities in the local Telford area.
Maria Jones, Shropshire fundraising executive for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, said: “We’re very grateful to Rosewood Pet Products for raising £7,750 to support the critical care work we do in the region. To put it into perspective, each air ambulance mission costs an average of £2,500, and each critical care car mission costs an average of £224. We do not receive funding from the Government for our daily missions so rely entirely on the support and generosity of local people and businesses.”
Bev Panter, Marketing Director at Rosewood Pet Products, commented: “It was a pleasure to welcome the public back through our doors once again to raise money for a charity close to many of our hearts. We hope our donation will go some way in helping the fully charity-funded service continue to provide vital life support here in the Midlands. 
“We’re delighted about the continued success of our charity sales, not only in ensuring all our products find a loving pet and a home, but also in bringing the local community of animal lovers together to support a worthy cause.” 
To donate to Midlands Air Ambulance, visit:  

Battersea golden oldie has been searching for a home for 100 days

A ten-year-old Collie named Marley has been in the care of Battersea for 100 days, but so far no one has stepped forward to give him a home to call his own.

Marley’s owners brought him into Battersea when a change in circumstances meant that they were no longer able to look after him. Despite being at the rehoming charity for nearly three times the average stay (34 days), he has struggled to find a retirement home; something that staff suspect may be due to his age.

Rebecca Lodder, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea said: “Marley may be in the twilight years of his life, but he’s still got so much life left to give and loves nothing more than playing fetch with his with his favourite people before settling down for a good cuddle. However, despite being so active still, Marley has continuously been turned down by customers because of his age.

“Marley doesn’t have many years ahead of him, so we’re really hoping someone will soon come forward and enjoy the time that he does have left. Sadly many people overlook older dogs in favour of youngsters, but older dogs like Marley have a lifetime of love to give someone; they just need someone to give them a chance.”

Being in his golden years, Marley likes to have all of your attention to himself and so is really looking to be the only dog in his future household. He’d also like his retirement home to be an adult only environment with a nice garden for him to play with his beloved tennis balls.

Rebecca continues: “Throughout the pandemic many people have preferred to rehome puppies and younger dogs, but often forget how much time, training and exercise younger dogs need. Older dogs, like Marley, likely already have some training in place and while many still have a lot of get-up-and-go, older dogs can require less exercise making them a lot less work for a new owner which may come in handy now that lockdown has lifted and life is a bit more normal.

“The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here at Battersea we know that a dog’s age is all part of their unique character. Marley is such a huge personality here at Battersea, with such a passion for life, and we’re all hoping that someone will soon give him the chance that he deserves.”

Battersea is asking the public to support their ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’ campaign where pet owners and supporters alike can help champion rescue animals, like Marley, whilst showing their love for those who deserve a second chance in life. Members of the public are invited to show their support by proudly wearing the new Rescue symbol as a way to stand out, stand up, and unite all animal lovers far and wide.

To get involved with the campaign and ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’, animal lovers can buy items featuring the rescue symbol including pin badges, tote bags or pet tags, wear it with pride, share on social media by tagging @Battersea and using #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed and donate to help rescue animals everywhere.

If you’d like to give Marley a home, or to find out more about the ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’ campaign, please visit

StreetVet launch Christmas cards to support pets and their owners experiencing homelessness

Sustainable small paper brand lil wabbit has collaborated with StreetVet, to design an exclusive range of Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper that will support the charity’s work with pets and owners experiencing homelessness, all year round.

StreetVet offers free accessible vet care to pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness and has recently launched a hostel accreditation scheme, to increase the number of pet friendly hostels nationwide.

The eight cards feature portraits of some of the charity’s registered patients from across the UK. Hand painted by Georgi Doig who founded lil wabbit in 2020, each card details the story of a pet patient supported by StreetVet’s care. The festive portraits are sustainably printed on cards, wrapping paper and gift tags, with 50% of all profit going towards StreetVet.

Funds raised by the sale of lil wabbit x StreetVet Christmas products will support essential veterinary care for these pets. A bundle of StreetVet cards will cover a pet’s vaccinations and a variety pack of gift tags keeps a pet free from fleas and worms. The hostel scheme, launched by the charity in 2020, aims to increase the opportunity for people experiencing homelessness to be housed with their pets.

The pets featured include Spy, Rocco, Loki, Valentine, Belle, Alfie, TyTy and Saba. Belle, for instance, suffered life threatening injuries when she was hit by a train, but with the support and free veterinary care offered by StreetVet, is now fully recovered and reunited with her owner. Rocco also received emergency surgery after suffering a severe stick injury in his local park, even staying overnight in the nurses’ beds to ease his separation anxiety.

Jade Statt, StreetVet co-founder and Clinical Director, said: ‘‘We completely adore Georgi’s designs, they tell the story of our clients in such a warm way and we hope people fall in love with them as much as we did. Having the support of lil wabbit’s sales will mean we can help more clients this winter, one of the toughest periods for those experiencing homelessness, so we are incredibly grateful.”

Georgi Doig, founder of lil wabbit also said, “We are thrilled to be able to support such an  amazing cause over this Christmas period. I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to paint each animal and learn about their unique stories, and I hope the  sales of the cards and tags can make a real contribution to the vital work StreetVet do.”

lil wabbit’s StreetVet Christmas collection is available online at, Etsy and in 15 stores across the country including Kapada Vintage, Swindon, Yard Market, Godalming and Hisbe Supermarkets, Sussex. Cards come in quantities of 1, 4, or 8 and the Ultimate Christmas Bundle includes all three products, with 50% of each sale going towards the critical work StreetVet does including the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme.

StreetVet’s Accredited Hostel scheme enables those experiencing homelessness to avoid the choice between securing accommodation and staying with their pets.

With only 10% of hostels accepting pets in the UK, the scheme offers hostels training, free 24-hour emergency phone number, pet provisions, and other crucial support services.

Prices range from £1 for single cards to £30 for bundles.