Can you spot the bone amongst the sausages?

A company who specialise in durable dog chews have created three visual puzzles to raise awareness about how to reduce and manage three common behaviour traits in dogs.

Chewing household items, stealing food and eating sticks are all behaviours that can thoroughly frustrate owners – and, more importantly, put a dog’s health at risk.

Durable nylon chew specialists, TastyBone, have created a range of products to reduce the likelihood of these behaviour traits occurring.

TastyBone’s nylon bones keep hunger at bay, ensure pets are occupied and engaged, and act as a much safer alternative to stick chewing.

Chewing household items – many owners don’t realise that chewing household items is a sign of boredom or separation anxiety, which is known to affect around 14% of dogs. Although separation anxiety can affect dog breeds differently, he most common sign is destructive behaviour. Dogs who chew to relieve the symptoms of separation anxiety will more likely do this when they are left on their own.

But can you spot the TastyBone in the slippers?











Stealing food – dog owners know that the majority of dogs are real foodies. Whilst you may think giving your dog the odd titbit is harmless, it can create challenging behaviour further down the line, such as begging at the table, rummaging through kitchen cupboards or bins, and even stealing food straight from the table.

Can you tell your bone from your sausage?











Eating sticks – dogs love chewing whilst out and about or in the garden as well at home. Sticks are a common favourite but many pet owner may not realise the dangers of chewing on a stick. Sticks can splinter easily and, worryingly, the shards can jam a dog’s mouth can cause infection.

How long will you be stuck looking for a bone in sticks?











Steph Green at TastyBone said: “We have created visual puzzles that are good fun and most definitely tongue in cheek, but there is a serious message behind them. We created TastyBone products to entertain and occupy dogs whilst protecting their gums and teeth.

“We love our dogs but sometimes their behaviour can be frustrating. Hopefully these baffling brain teasers will get everyone talking and raising awareness about what owners can do to avoid unwanted behaviour.”

Can’t find the TastyBone, you can click here to see where they are hidden.