Could you give Harry the home he deserves?

Dogs Trust Snetterton are appealing for a new home for a young Labrador cross who suffers from hip dysplasia.

Harry is a handsome young Labrador cross with bundles of energy and enthusiasm and loves going on walks and really enjoys playing with toys and carrying them around with him.

Harry’s favourite past-time is spending time with people and enjoying a bit of fun and is a very popular boy at the centre, as he is very charming and full of fun.

Staff at the rehoming centre say that Harry is a bright boy who learns quickly but needs a new family who can dedicate a bit of time continuing his training. He can be quite vocal around other dogs and will require more socialism to improve his social skills.

A spokesperson for Dogs Trust Snetterton said: “Harry has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and is currently doing well under conservative management. There are many factors involved in the management of hip dysplasia, and if you are interested in adopting Harry, our vet will speak to you in more detail about his condition.

“Harry will need to live in a calm environment in ground floor accommodation and he can’t live with other pets or children under 14 years. He will need adopters who can provide plenty of on-lead exercise for him and who can carefully manage his bouncy play off-lead.

“Despite his medical diagnosis he is still a very happy, lively, active young boy who loves exploring the outdoors and playing games. Harry needs an understanding and considerate owners who can help him manage his condition. In return he will be the most loyal companion. If you come and see him for yourself, you will be able to see that there is so much more to Harry than his hip dysplasia.”

If you think Harry might be perfect for you, you can give Dogs Trust Snetterton a call on 01953 498377 or visit