Dog charity to host dog theft prevention event in Uxbridge

Dog Trust is to host a dog theft prevention event in Uxbridge to offer advice to locals.

Dog theft is sadly on the rise across London and Dogs Trust are inviting locals in Hillingdon to an event, which will offer advice on how to keep your pooch safe.

Hillingdon is said to be the highest borough for dog theft in London and the event, which takes place on Wednesday 29 August will run from 11am to 3pm outside Metrobank in Uxbridge town centre.

At the event, the charity will be offering a number of services including free microchipping, temporary ID tags, free health checks and nails clippings, as well as behavioural advice.

Dogs Trust’s campaign ‘Family Pawtraits’ aims to bring awareness to the growing problem of dog theft in the IK, as reported incidents rise to over 2,000 each year. The charity is campaigning for stronger sentencing for the crime and encouraging owners to take measures to prevent their pet being stolen.

Lee Paris,  Campaigns Senior Campaigns Officer comments: “We know that dogs truly are a part of their owners’ families and it can be incredibly traumatic when a dog is stolen. Currently, the penalty for dog theft is based on the monetary value of the dog as a possession – we are hoping to highlight the emotional anguish a family experiences when their dog is stolen.

“We want tougher sentencing for dog theft, but also want to encourage families to take simple but effective measures to prevent their dog from being stolen. We encourage local residents to come along to this event and learn more about how to keep their four-legged friends safe.”

Anyone who would like to learn more about keeping your dog safe from theft you are welcome to go along to the event and speak the Dogs Trust team.