Former Dogs Trust resident celebrates successful weight loss journey

A former Dogs Trust Canterbury resident has a new lease of life after losing over half his body weight.

The then 10-year-old Cross Terrier Eddie, went into the rehoming centre in January 2017 tipping the scales at a hefty 15.5kg and staff were advised by their veterinary team that he’d need to lose half his weight.

Eddie was adopted by Mr Zak Vice and Ms Helen Emmett from East Sussex in March 2017 and they embarked on an incredible weight loss programme with their new companion.

Through a weight watcher support group clinic at the vets, which advised on measures such as portion control, regular exercise and bi-weekly weigh-ins to track his progress, Eddie is now boasting a svelte waistline, weighting in at an amazing 7.5kg.

Zak said: “Eddie’s weight loss journey has been a lot of work but so worthwhile. As the weight dropped we noticed he became progressively more active, animated and excited. He runs about playing with his toys and jumping onto our bed or the sofa and he moves much more freely. His personality has really come out as he has dropped the extra pounds.”

Helen added: “We were even more delighted when we were told that his successful weight loss meant that he no longer needed the joint and anti-inflammatory tablets that he’d been on, as he was no so nimble on his feet. We walk him twice a day, but he’s a social walker and still takes a long time to go a short distance because he’s smelling everything. The only snacks he gets now are healthy alternatives such as dog-friendly vegetables or fruits, but thankfully he absolutely loves these, even lettuce.”

Healthy treats such as fruit and vegetables are only one part of a weight-controlled diet and need to be developed in conjunction with your vet/vet nurse’s weight loss programme.

Dogs Trust Canterbury’s rehoming centre manager, Harriet Blaskett, added: “When Eddie came to the rehoming centre last year it was clear to see he had a fair bit of weight to lose in order to lead a fully happy and healthy life. We affectionately nicknamed him ‘Eddie the Potato’ as he had such a round belly.

“Thankfully his wonderful new family have put in so much time and effort to ensure that Eddie got to where he needed to be, and although nearly 12-years-old – we’re told he’s back to being a puppy and can even go up and down the stairs in his new home. It’s been such a rewarding journey for his owners and we wish them all every health and happiness.”

The Dogs Trust advise that you should always seek veterinary advice on foods that are suitable for your dog. For example; grapes and onions are extremely harmful to dogs.

If you think that you could change the life of a resident at Dogs Trust Canterbury’s rehoming centre, you can contact them on 0300 303 0292.