Hill’s Pet Nutrition adds three new products to its Vet Essentials range

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has introduced three new products to its existing Vet Essentials range, including adult dry and wet foods, as well as no grain foods.

Each Hill’s Vet Essentials food comes with five essential health benefits for every life stage to give pets a step ahead to live their best lives.

The addition of these new products provides advanced nutrition to target specific health concerns in both cats and dogs includes:

Adult foods – support healthy digestion and muscle health with high-quality nutrition and an attractive price.

Wet foods – with canned wet food for dogs and pouch wet foods for cats, the new range provides delicious and different textures for your pets.

No grain – made with high-quality ingredients with no grains or gluten to support healthy digestion, vital organ health and ensure skin and coats remains healthy.

Hill’s only select high quality ingredients proven to provide the nutrients pets need. The new products also include a high level of antioxidants to support natural defences and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and luxurious coat.

The full Vet Essentials range is exclusively available at veterinary clinics. For more information visit www.hillspet.co.uk/vetessentials.