Kitten found ‘nearly dead’ after being abandoned in shoebox

The RSPCA is caring for a young kitten named Lucky who was found in a shoebox and dumped next to a bin on a farm in Kent.

The kitten is now in the care of the RSPCA Canterbury and District branch after she was found by workmen on November 23 at Nickle Farm in Chartham.

Lucky, a 12-week old black kitten, was hungry, cold and dehydrated when she was discovered next to the bins and needed to be seen by a vet straight away.

Natalie Archer, trustee at the RSPCA Canterbury and District branch, said: “Poor Lucky had been abandoned on a local farm and found inside a Puma shoebox. She had been left for dead and dumped next to a bin. She was lethargic, starving, dehydrated, terrified and so cold our wonderful vet at Vets4Pets Canterbury couldn’t even register a temperature.

“We thought perhaps this little one could be the first to receive a shoebox filled with love and kindness and tasty treats to aid her recovery and show her that not all humans are alike.”

Every year, the RSPCA Canterbury branch launches its shoebox appeal encouraging supporters in the area to full a shoebox full of goodies for a cat or rabbit spending Christmas in RSPCA care.

This could be food, treats, cosy beds and blankets, toys, hay for rabbits and scratching posts for cats.

Natalie added: “This support is needed now more than ever before as this year has been a particular tough year for us all, so we will be accepting shoebox donations at our rehoming centre throughout December. When we launched the shoebox appeal again this year, we never expected that we would find a tiny kitten abandoned inside one and needed our help.

“It was touch and go for little Lucky as she was nearly dead when she was found. Thankfully, with vet care and lots of TLC from her foster carer, Lucky is now recovering well.”

To find out more about the shoebox appeal you can visit the RSPCA Canterbury’s Facebook page here.

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