Lily’s Kitchen launches its first natural dental chew

A British producer of naturally nutritious proper food for pets, Lily’s Kitchen has launched its first dental chew, Woofbrush.

Lily’s Kitchen has worked with an expert vet dentist to develop these delicious chews, which have been launched in a bid to help the dental health of the nation’s dogs.

The spongy dental chews are made from natural ingredients including, fennel, parsley, coconut oil, algae and decaf green tea extract.

Unlike other well-known dental sticks, feeding Woofbrush chews as part of a dog’s daily dental regime leaves owners feeling totally guilt-free as they contain no sugar or chemicals.

Compared to something like a human toothpaste that we use to clean our own teeth and which is not meant to be ingested, dogs swallow their dental chew. But because Woofbrush is free from any hidden nasties, owners needn’t worry what happens when it is swallowed after chewing.

Woofbrush is designed to fight plaque, which can be a major cause of poor canine dental health. Thanks to its unique spongey texture, Woofbrush goes right to the gumline when chewed, which is where plaque build-up can be hard to tackle.

The chew is designed to clean teeth and freshen breath; bad smelling dog breath can often be a sign of poor dental health and can lead to further health issues affecting the liver, kidneys and heart.

Henrietta Morrison, founder of Lily’s Kitchen, said: “At Lily’s Kitchen we care about the whole dog, including its dental health. But talking to our dog owners’ customers, we know that many are confused about canine dental hygiene and also struggle to find dental care solutions that don’t leave them racked with guilt because of all the chemicals and sugars found in some readily available dog chews.

“As a responsible producer of proper foods for pets, we felt it was important to help educate pet owners about proper dental care and offer an effective, natural solution that enables them to look after their dogs’ teeth, without any of the worries.”

Woofbrush has been developed in three sizes and is available from the start of November and I available in hundreds of independent pet shops. They are also available to buy direct with an RRP from £1.20 (single chew) and from £6.00 for a multipack of 7.

For more information about the chews of any of Lily’s Kitchen range you can visit