Missing cat found at local recycling plant

A pet cat missing for several days was discovered by staff at a recycling centre in Cambridge.

Thanks to the RSPCA, Tiggy was reunited with his owners who were getting worried after the much-loved mog had not been seen for three days.

It seems his curiosity got the better of him when he found himself at the Bluntisham Recycling Centre on Heath Road, stuck in a container, half a mile from his house.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Jane Folly was called to help after workers at the site came across Tiggy at the bottom of the empty metal container.

Jane said: “It seems Tiggy’s adventure took a bit of a turn when he ended up in the container t the recycling site. Who knows how he got in, he could have been curiously parading around the edge of the container and slipped in, or he could have jumped in after rats, as there were several rodent holes in the floor of the container. Either way, he was completely stuck and in need of help.

“The staff at the site said he was only found due to the racket Tiggy was making from inside the container – he was meowing loudly until they found him. I was called to help find his owners, and so I climbed into the container using ladders, and he was happy to be popped into the safety of a carry crate.

“I scanned him for a microchip and was able to get in touch with his owners, who were very relieved to hear he had been found safe and well after he’d been missing for three days. It’s really satisfying to be able to reunite lost pets with their owners, especially ones like Tiggy, who could have been in real danger had he not been found.”