Poppy leads the way as the most popular name for cats and dogs

Argos Pet Insurance has revealed the top 10 cat and dog names of the year, courtesy of their database of customers in November 2018.

The top 10 list shows that dog and cat lovers might not be so different after all, with names such as Milo, Oscar, Molly, Lola and Daisy appearing in both lists.

For female dogs, Poppy and Bella keep their respective first and second place for the second year running. In fact, the only newcomer to the list is Luna, replacing Roxy at last year’s number 10 spot.

For the boys, Alfie and Charlie still reign supreme and there’s also a cuddly name storming up the list, with Teddy racing into third place, up from number eight last year.

For female felines, the clear winner once again is Poppy, with Bella, Molly, Tilly and Daisy holding onto the same spots as last year. For the cats Luna also appears in seventh place, replacing Rosie in the top 10.

For the tomcats, Charlie, Oscar and Alfie still remain in the top three, but new entrants like Smudge and Gizmo have appeared in the Argos Pet Insurance top ten for the first time, replacing Leo and Harry.

Another royal name that’s slipped down the list is George, dropping from seventh to tenth place, maybe we’ll see Louis in there next year.

Andrew Simpson, Product Manager at Argos Pet Insurance, said: “It’s interesting to see that names like Poppy, Bella, Alfie and Charlie are still the nation’s favourites for their cats and dogs. We clearly love a human name for our furry friends.

“While looking through our customers’ most popular pet names, we also came across some creative names that really made us smile like Pussy Galore and Bilbo Baggins.

“Of course, whatever you name your cat or dog, the most important thing is making sure pets are protected with pet insurance, ensuring adequate medical care can be given should they develop health issues in the future.”

So, whether you want to follow the crowd or avoid common choices, here are Argos Pet Insurance customers’ favourite pet names:

Top ten popular dog names in 2018 vs 2017


  1. Alfie-
  2. Charlie-
  3. Teddy +5
  4. Buddy +1
  5. Bailey +2
  6. Milo +3
  7. Max -4
  8. Oscar -4
  9. Archie -3
  10. Toby –


  1. Poppy –
  2. Bella
  3. Lola +2
  4. Daisy –
  5. Molly -2
  6. Ruby –
  7. Millie –
  8. Rosie –
  9. Tilly –
  10. Luna – new entry

Top ten popular cat names 2018


  1. Charlie –
  2. Oscar –
  3. Alfie –
  4. Smudge – new entry
  5. Milo –
  6. Simba +3
  7. Max -3
  8. Gizmo – new entry
  9. Jasper -3
  10. George -3


  1. Poppy –
  2. Bella –
  3. Molly –
  4. Tilly –
  5. Daisy –
  6. Lola +1
  7. Luna – new entry
  8. Millie -2
  9. Lily -1
  10. Willow –

Whatever name you choose for your puppy, kitten or rescue animal, Argos Pet Insurance can make sure your new furry family member is well protected. For more information, visit www.argospetinsurance.co.uk.