Puppy with infectious skin diseases nursed back to health by Battersea

A stray puppy suffering from one of the worst skin infections staff had seen in a long time has found his happy ending thanks to Battersea Brands Hatch.

Possum, who was named because of his resemblance to the native Australian animal, was taken into the Kent rescue centre after he was found wandering the streets in Sevenoaks.

The puppy, estimated to be around 12-14 weeks old, was covered in scabs and open sores – a result of sarcoptic mange, a highly infectious skin disease. He was immediately quarantined by Battersea’s veterinary team and put on a course of medication.

Kathryn Davenport, Rehoming & Welfare Co-ordinator at the Brands Hatch centre, said: “Possum’s case was one of the worst skin conditions we’d seen in a long time at Battersea and it was a long road to recovery – it took almost two months for his skin to heal.”

Keen to ensure the puppy could experience as normal a life as possible, Kathryn fostered him in her own home.

Kathryn added: “Despite the discomfort he had to endure, he is such a loving and playful puppy. We were so pleased he found a new home in Sevenoaks with a family that could look past his scars and see him for the wonderful dog he is. Rescue animals may not be perfect, but they’re definitely worth it.”

Battersea launched its new campaign, ‘Rescue is Our Favourite Breed’, earlier this month to celebrate rescue animals and their individual quirks.

To mark 20 years since it first opened its doors to unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats, Battersea Brands Hatch is holding a special open day on Friday 25th October to give supporters an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Find out more by visiting https://www.battersea.org.uk/support-us/events/celebrating-20-years-rescue-brands-hatch.