RSPCA rescues cat with ‘paw hanging off’

The RSPCA is appealing to find the owner of a cat who was rescued with severe injuries.

The ginger and white male cat was rescued on Monday in Throwley, Faversham, Kent with horrific injuries, which saw his paw literally hanging off.

The cat, who has been named Aslan by RSPCA staff was rescued by Inspector Grace Harris-Bridge and taken to the vets.

The vets explained that it appeared he may have become stuck on a wire fence or something similar and self-mutilated to free his paw. His leg was also fractured in four places.

Tara Luxford, deputy manager at the RSPCA Canterbury branch, which is now caring for Aslan, said: “Poor Aslan came into our care in a bad way. His injuries were horrific, and you could literally see his paw hanging off and his bones had splintered through his foot. It was a mess. Thankfully, Aslan was found when he was. The injury was so severe that the vets had to amputate his leg, but he is recovering well now.

“Apart from this horrible injury, he was in very good health, so we are hoping he has an owner. Sadly, Aslan isn’t microchipped, so we have been unable to trace an owner so far. It’s so important to get your pet microchipped. It makes it much easier to be able to reunite owners with their pets if they are lost or inured. We are really hoping there is an owner out there looking for this ginger moggy as that would be the perfect happy ending for him.”

If this is your cat and/or have recently lost a cat in the area, please contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.