LondonCats is clawing traditional cat fancy into the 21st Century

A London- based start-up are pushing aside the out-dated cat show with a revolutionary event they call a ‘Cat Extravaganza’.

This May, LondonCats will feature over 50 cat breeds, 7 international judges, food and drink and Instagram’s cat celebrities, this aims to be a cat show like you have never seen before.

The event, the first of its kind in the UK and the biggest cat expo in all of Europe, aims to shake off the preconceptions of old ladies, white coats and clipboards.

Traditionally, the cat show is a fairly private affair, with judging done in secret and little for the general public to enjoy.

LondonCats is associated with TICA (The International Cat Association), an organisation which accepts over 70 different breeds of cat worldwide. TICA is also growing their household pet exhibitors with prestigious trophies to be won by the unassuming moggie.

If you want to get involved in cat showing without a pedigree cat, TICA has the largest registry of household cats. Your moggie could be the next superstar. LondonCats is all inclusive and aims to change the face of the cat fancy.

At the LondonCats International Show there are seven judging rings that play host to prestigious judges from all over the world. Here they talk through the secrets of the most beautiful cats in the world to over 200 spectators at a time.

LondonCats founder, Steven Meserve is a TICA judge and making waves for his forward thinking: “Household pets are a key market we are lacking in the UK. LondonCats is on a mission to change this with our accessible events that any cat owner can take part in. Many millennials are falling in love with cat ownership so an international cat show on this scale has never been more relevant.”

The cat show wont only be entertainment for the weekend, there is also a cat agility where you can watch cats jump through hoops and doing tricks.

You could also meet a real cat celebrity guest, like James Bowen and a Street Cat Named Bob while enjoying some street food from one of the many gourmet food trucks.

For those who want to give something back to their beloved four-legged friends, there will be plenty of ways to spoil them with treats and gifts from multitude vendors.

Dr Elsely’s will be on hand with their range of products to keep your cat happy and health, as well as toys and furniture from Catit, and self-cleaning litter boxes from LitterRobot.

The show will be help at Tobacco Dock, London on 4th and 5th May with tickets available on the door or online from the LondonCats website.

For more information or to buy tickets you can visit, and to get £5 off each ticket simply enter code ‘CL5’ at the checkout.