Feline residents celebrate 14 years of helping dogs find homes

Dogs Trust Snetterton recently celebrated 21 years of rehoming pooches in need, but it’s not just dogs that live at the rehoming centre.

When two feral kittens were found in a garage of the nearby village of Shropham in 2005, they were moved on-site to the centre as permeant fixtures, to be cared by the on-site team.

Fast forward 14 years and mischievous lad Moppet and lovely lady Mittens are still living in perfect harmony, even mingling with dogs sometimes.

The due live in a ‘cat house’ on the grounds, which has an indoor and outdoor area, and the indoor area is even heated in the winter. Staff often pop in to give them cuddles and a fuss throughout the day.

Diane McLelland-Taylor, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Snetterton, said: “Moppet and Mittens are part of the furniture now here at our centre. Their daily routine is to come into reception in the morning to be fed breakfast by staff and enjoy a bit of fuss. Then throughout the day they come and go as they please, patiently waiting by the door to be let in or out as the mood takes them.

“They have a very practical use too, as they are such confident kittens, we use them to cat test our dogs, to see if they’d be able to b rehomed with families that might have cats. They particularly love doing this, probably due to the number of treats they get afterwards. The pair chill out in reception until the end of the day when they retire to their cat house.”

Staff have also noticed that the two cats have a favourite part of the floor to snooze on where the pipes run so it’s extra warm and cosy.

If you would like to rehome one of the centre’s resident dogs, you can visit www.dogstrust.co.uk.