Is the Gtech AirRam K9 the cat’s whiskers?

The new Gtech AirRam K9 claims to be ideal for homes with pets, so as a cat owner, I was excited to get my hands on the new model from the Gtech range.

Pet owners will understand the need for constant vacuuming to remove excess fur, especially during this time of year. As a cat or dog owner you need a vacuum cleaner that makes light work of cleaning while picking up pet hair.

Getting started, it was easy to put together with instructions clearly indicating what goes where and how to insert the scented filters without any problems. As it’s cordless you do have to wait for it to charge. One 4-hour charge offers a running time of up to 40 minutes, which claims to allow you to clean your home twice. The handy four-stage LED display on the battery indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

The cordless and lightweight feel of the Gtech AirRam K9 makes it easy to maneuver around the house and get the job done quickly. It makes light work of stubborn pet hair with the enhanced power brush, making it suitable for use on all floor types. The K9 also fits easily under sofas and tables to enable you to get to tricky areas where dust collect. In a home with carpet, wood floors and tiles it was very easy to go from room to room without having to change settings.

The scented filters are also a great touch to help get rid of pet odors and leave your home smelling fresh and clean after every use. It even has a handy light on the front for when you’re trying to get to those tricky spots under furniture.

One of the main things that impressed me most about the K9 was the amount of dirt that it can collect. The small compact bin doesn’t look like it could accumulate a lot, but it is still going after two uses and is easily removed once full. Being cordless and lightweight makes it easy to carry around the house from room to room and handy to store.

With an RRP price of £249, the AirRam K9 could be seen as expensive, but I think that the all round convenience and benefits make it good value for money.

The cons of this product could be the time it takes to charge, with a regular vacuum, you can obviously just plug it in and off you go. But when you weigh this up against everything it has going for it, the K9 definitely gets a five out of five from Companion Life.

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