Agria Pet Insurance named the Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider in the UK

Fairer Finance has named Agria Pet Insurance the ‘Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider’ in their Spring 2021 ratings.

The specialist pet insurer came top in the sector following an independent consumer survey by Fairer Finance, where customer experience ratings determine providers’ positions in the rank.

As well as the customer experience data concluding that Agria Pet Insurance is top for ‘Most Trusted’, of the thousands of customers surveyed, Agria also came out on top for customer happiness.

James Daley, MD of Fairer Finance, said: “The pet insurance market has grown rapidly over the last year as more people have brought pets into their home for the first time. It’s easy in times of rapid growth to fall short on customer service, but Agria is clearly getting the balance right.

“We poll 10,000 banking and insurance customers every six months, and it’s an impressive achievement to come out on top with both the happiest customers and most trusted brand in a sector.  Agria Pet Insurance is making a name for itself as one of the UK’s most customer-centric pet insurers and can be proud of its great progress in our customer experience league tables over the last three years.”

This award closely follows the announcement in April that Agria Pet Insurance is the first carbon neutral pet insurer in the UK, and the insurer being named one of the ‘UK’s Best Workplaces™ 2020’ by Great Places to Work®.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “We’re thrilled to be named as the UK’s Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider. Pet owners place significant trust in us to protect their best friends when it matters, and we always strive to repay that confidence – throughout every high and low of pet ownership. To hear that we are the most trusted provider with the happiest customers naturally means the world to us. This accolade is another testament to the hard work and dedication from every member of the Agria team. And of course, we’re so grateful to Fairer Finance for holding the ratings and to UK pet owners for scoring us so highly.”