Animal lover to offer new car for a hole in one for the RSPCA

A Sussex golf club is to raise funds for the RSPCA by offering the chance to win a brand-new car in exchange for a hole in one.

The Avisford Gold Club in Walberton near Arundel is raising funds for the animal welfare charity after this year’s captain Jayson Walker chose to support the RSPCA throughout the year, as well as at their special events.

The Captain Day on Sunday (May 19) will offer the chance to win a car with further funds being raised on the Clubs Charity Day on 28 July.

Jayson from Littlehampton said: “Being an animal lover, I thought the RSPCA was a great charity to choose and I wanted to support the inspectors who are out and about rescuing animals. I have a five-month old English Bull Terrier puppy called Nala and whilst she has a brilliant life with us, I know there are many other animals who are not as fortunate and need the help of the RSPCA.”

On the Captains Day, members will be given the opportunity to enter a competition to win a brand-new car worth over £20,000 in conjunction with kind support from Newbarn KIA of Bogor Regis.

To enter, members must pay a £5 donation to the RSPCA to secure the win they need to achieve a hole in one on the 13th hole at Avisford Park GC.

Jayson added: “I’ve only had one hole in one in my life, but it does happen. It’s 162 yards for the men and 138 yards for the ladies from tee to green on the day, so it is reachable, and aces have happened before on this hole. We wanted to offer something big to get people interested and raise as much awareness of the RSPCA as possible.”

As well as the Captain’s Day there will also be an annual Charity Day in July, which will see plenty of competitions, a raffle and auction of top prizes. There will also be ‘fines’ for losing a golf ball, going out of bounds and other golfing blunders.

Throughout the year the golf club also has collections for certain holes and bunkers with a 50p payment to the RSPCA charity bottle.

The money raised will help to provide specialist equipment to enable the inspectors to continue to safely animals in need. In 2018, the charity’s officers rescued 102,900 animals from cats stuck in sticky situations to wildlife needing rescuing.

The frontline officers work tirelessly to save vulnerable, injured and abused animals every hour of every day.

If you would like to hold a fundraiser for the RSPCA, you can visit the website for further tips and ideas –