Barking Heads launches new plant-based food recipe

Barking Heads has created a new nutritionally balanced plant-based food option for treasured pups to enjoy alongside a meat-based diet.

The team found out that one in five of its dog owners already add fresh or cooked vegetables to their dog’s dinners. So, they worked closely with dog nutrition experts to formulate a more complete way to do this, with added vitamins and minerals and the right amount of protein for happy, healthy dogs.

TV Vet and Barking Heads resident expert, Dr Scott Miller, said: “Of course dogs love meat, but we know vet is an awesome source of power and nutrients for all of us, including our pooches. Dogs are naturally omnivores which means they have always eaten both meat and vegetables to provide the vital nutrition they need.”

Barking Heads’ NEW plant-based recipe is designed to support your dog’s meaty diet and top up their tasty vegetable intake. The plant-based recipe of a blend of rice protein, potato protein and pea protein.

It joins a mouth-watering Barking Heads menu, which already includes top quality, super-tasty meat & fish protein sources.

Always looking for healthy new ways to keep its tasty and nutritious dry and wet food appealing to dogs, Barking Heads realised more owners wanted more nutritionally balanced plant-based food options. Consumed alongside a meat-based diet, Plant Powered Pooches allows every four-legged friend to enjoy a more ‘flexitarian’ diet happily and healthily.

Dr Scott Miller added: “We estimate that 1 in 5 of you are already adding fresh or cooked veg to your dog’s food, and some of you are occasionally feeding plant-based meals. So, we felt it was important to formulate a more complete way to do this with added vitamins and minerals and the right amount of protein for healthy pooches!  For tasty (and occasional!) meat-free Mondays, or for added veggie power in your dog’s regular meals, Plant Powered Pooches is it!”

Plant Powered Pooches is available now at online here or at selected Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores and selected independent pet stores. RRP. £6.50