Blind collie and his ‘guide dog’ seek special home together

A border collie who is losing his sight is looking for a new home with his best friend – who acts as his guide dog.

Nine-year old border collies, Bess and Roy are the best of friends and arrived at the RSPCA’s Westmorland branch in Cumbria on 7 November.

The dogs, who had once been working collies, came into the RSPCA’s care after their loving owner was no longer in a position to look after them.

RSPCA Westmorland branch manager Christine Lowe said: “The most important thing for this pair is that they are rehomed together. They’re extremely close and Roy relies heavily on Bess.

“Roy is blind in one eye and has seriously impaired vision in the other, so he relied on Bess in many ways, she’s essentially his doggy guide dog. They are both friendly, happy dogs who deserve a home where they’ll get all of the affection they crave as they come into their senior years.”

Bess and Roy are up for adoption under the branch’s elderly animal rehoming scheme – or EARS – which means anyone who takes them on will receive ongoing financial assistance with their veterinary needs.

They are both happy being left alone for short periods of time and know some basic commands such as ‘sit’. They’d be best suited in a home with no cats but would be happy living with a family with older children.

Christine added: “We believe they’ve never lived in a domestic environment and are not house-trained and have lived outside most of their lives so we’re looking for new owners who are prepared to work with them or who have suitable outside accommodation for them.

“They need a home where they can live out their days in comfort with someone who understands their unique needs.”

To find out more about Bess and Roy you can visit their online profile or contact the branch on or 07584571398.