Bunnies celebrate first birthday in rescue, but would love a home of their own

Bunnies celebrate first birthday in rescue, but would love a home of their own

They are five half-wild rabbits at Rabbit Residence Rescue, near Royston, Hertfordshire. The five adorable half-wild rabbits were born at Rabbit Residence Rescue in April 2021. Their mums had been dumped separately in the wild and their dads were wild rabbits. Both mums and siblings have now found their new families, but these five are still looking.

Lux, Winona and Shay are sisters were born to mum, Coors, after she was found straying on a roundabout. Lux and Winona are looking for a home together while Shay is looking for a “husbun” of her own to be bonded with. The rescue will help with the bonding process if you have a single neutered boy rabbit looking for a friend.

Gregory and Sean were born to mum, Marilyn, who was found in a local park. They are two of eight babies, their siblings have now found their new homes, Gregory and Sean are still looking for a home of their own. They are lovely cheeky boys.

Lea Facey, Rabbit Residence Rescue’s Manager says: “Domestic pet rabbits and European wild rabbits are the same species, which is how they can crossbreed. The wild genetics are very strong and mean that both litters arrived looking most like their wild counterparts, except for one or two white markings. As the babies looked very similar, we use non-toxic marker in their ears to tell the difference. This is not harmful and wears off.

“The risk of pregnancy is one of the plethora of reasons why domestic rabbits should never be dumped in the wild. They do not have the skills to live as wild rabbits and will not survive long, easily being picked up by predators or suffering from exposure. Coors and Marilyn were very lucky to be found by members of the public before they came to the same fate.

All five are very inquisitive and friendly rabbits. They are looking for large, secure homes with lots of places to explore, hide, and play in. The rescue can offer lots of advice on housing and they follow the Rabbit Welfare Association’s “A Hutch is not Enough” guide to housing. All of the rabbits have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and vet checked.”

If you think you could offer any of these rabbits a new home, please contact Rabbit Residence Rescue on rabbit_residence@hotmail.com or visit http://www.rabbitresidence.org.uk