Canine heroes stop owners from feeling ruff during pandemic

Research from dog supplement brand, YuMOVE revealed that over half of dog owner wouldn’t have smiled in 2020 without their beloved pet.

The study also revealed that over half of dog owners stated 2020 would have been lonely without their furry friends and 61% of owners admitted they wouldn’t have left the house if it wasn’t for their dog.

Nearly all (87%) said that their relationship with their dog improved in 2020, while 31% confessed that spending quality time with their pooch was the highlight of their year.

They stopped us feeling lonely and gave us a purpose

The survey also revealed just how much companionship our dogs offered with half of respondents (52%) stating that 2020 would have been lonely without their dog and 61% agreeing that having a dog gave them a reason to get out of the house to exercise. For more than a third, walking their dog was their only form of exercise.

In 2021, thanking our dogs is firmly on the agenda as 60% of people will thank their dog by spending even more quality time with them.

Nearly half of respondents are already planning a special walk or trip and 36% will thank their dogs by buying them a special gift.

YuMOVE recently transformed landmarks into landmarks as part of their #ThankYouDogs campaign. The Tower of London, Marble Arch and Senate House were adorned with images of dogs submitted by UK owners. YuMOVE projected images of our canine heroes onto these buildings as a way of thanking them for their constant support and love during the pandemic.

With our dogs having played such a supportive role in 2020, YuMOVE is encouraging canine lovers to say #ThankYouDogs and show their appreciation by posting a pawsitive tail (tale) about their beloved dog on Facebook or Instagram.

For every post, YuMOVE will donate £1 to the team at StreetVet, a charity that donates their time to the dogs that need it the most.

Lockdowns and social restrictions have made canine companionship more important than ever. Our dogs have offered unwavering love and loyalty during an incredibly difficult period; becoming even more vital to the mental and physical wellbeing of people across the country, especially those that are lonely and vulnerable. It’s time to say #ThankYouDogs.