Carbon negative dog treats – upcycled from craft brewery leftovers

New dog treats launched, which aim to be good for your dog and good for the planet.

BrewBix makes healthy dog treats upcycled from craft brewery leftovers. It minimised and measured its carbon pawprint, and then offset twice that amount. This means that its customers are helping to remove carbon from the earth’s atmosphere.

BrewBix has minimised its carbon pawprint by:

  • Using (nutritious) waste materials as ingredients

  • Baking in wood-fired carbon neutral ovens

  • Using minimal, widely-recycled packaging

BrewBix then measured all the carbon required to make each box, and offset twice that amount, making the Bix carbon negative.

The Bix have just 5 natural ingredients and are nutritionist approved to be good for you dog’s digestion, skin and coat. 2 of these ingredients are brewers spent grain and brewers yeast – the leftovers of brewing beer.

By using these nutritious waste materials and baking the Bix in wood-fired carbon neutral ovens it minimises its impact on the environment. BrewBix then worked with a sustainability consultant to offset double its carbon footprint, which means that these healthy dog treats are removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it’s creating.

BrewBix also aims to make it easy to be good. It’s packaging is made entirely of cardboard, which is much more widely recycled than plastic, and more reliably disposed of than compostable packaging.

The Bix are packed directly into the letterbox-friendly box, which means it minimises packaging and minimises postage costs. This box is available on subscription, so that you can sign up once and continually benefit your dog and the environment without ever having to think about it again.

BrewBix was founded in 2020 by Tom Whiteley, who was also involved in setting up Villages Brewery in South East London in 2016. At one point, villages were sending 1 tonne of spent grain to food waste every week. Spent grain is still highly nutritious – most breweries send/sell it to farms as animal feed, but this was quite difficult for an urban brewery.

So Tom founded BrewBix to upcycle these nutritious leftovers into healthy dog treats. He worked with a dog nutritionist to design the recipe and ensure that it brings health benefits for dogs. There are just 5 natural ingredients, with the brewers yeast and the linseed bringing benefits to the dog’s skin and coat, whilst the grain is high in fibre which promotes gut health. The other two ingredients are flour to give the biscuit structure, and peanut butter because, well, dogs love peanut butter!

Tom believes that companies have a big role to play in helping people make sustainable choices as we look to combat climate change.

He commented: “If we want people to make more sustainable choices, then companies need to make it easy for people to make those decisions. BrewBix is giving dog owners the option to minimise their impact on the planet, without having to sacrifice convenience or their dog’s health.”

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