Dog kept locked in bedroom finds the world a scary place and seeks patient owners to help build her confidence

Staffordshire bull terrier cross Dotty was taken in by the RSPCA in July 2021 after being rescued underweight and suffering from a skin condition.

She’d been kept locked in a bedroom with little socialisation so the world can be quite an overwhelming place for her.

Staff at the charity’s Ashley Heath Animal Centre, in Dorset, spent months getting to know her and treating her health problems before she went up for rehoming. She’s now been waiting for over six months to find a new home but has had no applications.

Animal care assistant Hollie Jones, who has been taking care of the eight-year-old, said: “We’ve had zero interest in Dotty and it’s devastating. She’s such a sweet girl but, because she’s led such a restricted and withdrawn life, she needs really patient owners who can help her get used to the big wide world.”

Dotty is ideally looking for a home where she’ll be the only pet and will have access to a private, secure garden. She can be reactive when out and about so needs to wear a muzzle, something staff have trained her to get used to.

She enjoys going for walks in quiet places so would benefit from a rural home.

Hollie added: “Other dogs are particularly difficult for her but we’ve had her on a strict training plan and her behaviour has improved hugely in that time. With people, however, it’s a different story. She absolutely loves being around people and all she wants in life is a snuggle and a belly rub. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of personal space so will plonk herself on your lap!

“She’s really clever and picks up new tricks quickly. She loves to play fetch, search for hidden toys, and learn new things.”

She’d like owners who will initially be around for most of the day while she settles and can slowly introduce her to being left home alone for short periods.

“It’ll take the right person to give Dotty what she needs but, after all she’s been through, no one deserves it more. Who could resist that dazzling Staffie smile and her waggy tail?” Hollie added.