Dog waiting for 2.5 years for forever home has seen all of his seven siblings start their new lives

Dutch herder Eric was rescued alongside his mum and seven siblings from hazardous, filthy conditions in the West Midlands in October 2019 and taken into RSPCA care.

Since then, he’s seen all of his family go off to their new homes but is still waiting to find his perfect match almost two and a half years later.

Kelly Legg, from RSPCA Birmingham where Eric has been living, said: “Eric has spent almost his entire life in our care and all he knows is life here with us. He was part of an investigation and case, but was eventually signed over for rehoming in January 2021.

“Because he’s been with us for so long, he has missed out on a lot of ‘real life’ and because of that we’ve really struggled to find the right match for him. He needs a very specific home with owners who are experienced with his breed type and the sort of lifestyle he needs, and can also help him really carefully and slowly navigate the world.

“He really is the most loving, affectionate and loyal lad once he gets to know you. He’s extremely clever and needs to have his brain challenged, but he needs time to adjust to new people and build up a bond with them too.”

His adopters will need to make the time to make multiple visits and build a bond with him slowly. In unpredictable situations, such as moving vehicles, unfamiliar people or noisy machinery, he can react intensely and become very anxious.

“Everything about life in a new home will be new and overwhelming to Eric and we really need to find people who understand this and can hold his paw and guide him very slowly and positively through all of these new and scary experiences,” Kelly said.

He’s looking for an adult-only home without any other pets, with someone who will be around most of the time. He can be unsure around other dogs so ideally we’d like him to go to a quiet, rural home where his owners have private land that Eric can enjoy and explore.

We’d love for him to have his own room; somewhere quiet where he can go to rest and relax. Eric is muzzle trained and we’d advise his new adopters to keep him muzzled when walking him in public or introducing him to new people.

Kelly added: “We’ve seen Eric grow in front of us and we all absolutely adore him. He’s a cheeky, excitable, energetic youngster who loves to be tucked into his bed at the end of the day. He’s very bright and busy so he’d love a home where he can take on training and keep his brain occupied.

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